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Dear Eonni: An Indian MooMoo pens her version on Maria for MAMAMOO member Hwasa

Dear Eonni: An Indian MooMoo pens her version on Maria for MAMAMOO member Hwasa

In today’s Dear Eonni letter, we received an open letter from an Indian MAMAMOO fan who reached out to Hwasa with her personal version of Maria.

We”ve come across letters with love notes. We’ve also come across letters with fans penning poems. However, this might probably be the first time we’ve received a letter from a fan featuring a new version of their favourite K-pop group’s hit track. Zoee Kate from India penned an open letter addressed to MAMAMOO member Hwasa. While she gushed about the K-pop idol, Zoee decided to rewrite the lyrics of Maria and shower Hwasa with as much love as she could. 

Without further ado, check out the letter below: 

Dear Eonni,

This letter is for you Hwasa Eonni, my all-time favourite K-pop idol. You’ll always have a special place in my heart. You taught me how to be strong,  how to love yourself, and how to speak out against bad stuff.

I saw you the first time in your ‘María’ MV.  I was new, so I didn’t know who it was meant for or what did you try to say. But the only thing I couldn’t stop noticing was honestly how pretty you were looking. I went like ‘ Oh! She’s so pretty! Her face shape is so nice’ and your voice is sooooo perfect. It’s so unique. I also listened to your other solos… including ‘Be Calm’. It’s one of my favourite songs. The vibe it gives off is so soothing and calm. I really think your music is so healing, so beautiful.

Later on, I figured out why you wrote ‘María’. So, I wrote my version of it for you, pouring in all my feelings and love for you.

And here it is!

María, María, María, María,

You’re beautiful, you rock and you’re cool.

We love you from the earth to the moon.

Maria, María,

Don’t listen to what they say,

‘Cause your amazing anyway, your beautiful every way.

María, María, María, María,

Please love yourself

‘Cause your music has helped people heal themselves.

María, María, María, María,

The words in the dictionary

Can’t describe your beauty

Your someone that they’ve never seen.

Someone this world really needs.

I really hope you like it. I wish I could sing this to you We all really need you! Thanks a lot for being there always. And we all will always keep loving you and your music!

And MAMAMOO means a lot to me as well! You’ll always be the best K-pop band that ever existed for me! You’re so special,  all four of you mean a lot to us moomoos!!! You people are on another level.

Love you people so much


Zoee Kate,


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Want to let out in words, your undying fondness for your favourite K-drama and K-pop stars? Email your open letter to: [email protected], mentioning your full name and country. The opportunity is open to readers from across the globe.

Disclaimer: This is user-generated content. The views and opinions expressed in this letter are those of the author.

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