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Dear Oppa: A fan from India believes BTS member Jungkook deserves nothing less than pure love

Dear Oppa: A fan from India believes BTS member Jungkook deserves nothing less than pure love

In the latest edition of Dear Oppa, Laxmi Verma from India writes a sweet letter dedicated to BTS member Jungkook gushing about how she’s found her “comfort space” where they both reside.

BTS” relationship with BTS ARMY is extremely hard to describe in words because the love, respect and more importantly loyalty, which is shared between the global superstars and their incredible fanbase goes above and beyond one’s imagination. Moreover, the members as individuals also receive a lot of fan love in our Dear Oppa series as ARMY members pen the kindest words for OT7.

Today’s heartwarming letter has been penned to Jungkook by Laxmi Verma from India. In her letter, Laxmi confesses how she wants Kookie to be happy and smiling forever. Read her letter below:

Dear Jungkook,

I’ve been longing to write to you and I hope that my sincerity engulfs your heart with this letter. Someone once told me and made me believe that if people are meant to be with each other, somehow the universe will conspire and put them on the same road. Honestly, this is the journey, this is the road that I chose to travel, with the seven of you. Ever since I became an army, not only I found seven musical magicians, but my best friends, my saviours, my inspiration in you all.

I wanted to confess that  ‘Still with You’ put me to sleep on the days when I felt anxious, stressed, scared and lonely. I couldn’t sleep for days, but your voice was like an angel coming in my room to sing me a lullaby and caress me until I get lost in your dreams. Your two pretty eyes, when you look out for the world…I just wish you see the wonders and beauties of this universe. You deserve nothing less than pure love. You have been ‘the cause of my euphoria’, because everything about you, every thought of you makes my day a little more special. I call you ‘Koo’,  each time to remind myself that even if you are 23-year-old Jeon Jungkook, you’d still be a babie of BTS and army.

You know the little nose scrunch you do melts my heart and all I ever want is to see you once in my life, performing together as a band. It would feel surreal to dive in that purple ocean. But trust me whenever this will happen it will be worth the wait. The love you have for us is reflected on your expressions, your views, the lyrics of your songs which makes us adore you beyond the limits, golden maknae! I promise to walk with you, to support you in every step you take, to protect you with our shield and to love you with all I have. With the door you made in my heart, to built a ‘Magic Shop’, I know that I’ve found my comfort space where we both reside.
I just want to give you a reassuring hug for no apparent reason. I want you to be happy and smiling forever. Please take care of yourself and your hyungs too. I miss you so much I purple you, Koo!

Laxmi Verma
With love, from India

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