Did you know Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan is based on THIS Chiranjeevi blockbuster? Nephew Allu Sirish spills the beans [Exclusive] | Bollywood Life

Did you know Salman Khan's Bajrangi Bhaijaan is based on THIS Chiranjeevi blockbuster? Nephew Allu Sirish spills the beans [Exclusive] | Bollywood Life

Movies being inspired from each other, is nothing new, and has been happening in every film industry across the planet from the time cinema began. However, such cases still grab our attention, especially when we find out about them much later, and particularly, if both movies have been loved by the audience, but the similarity is so obscure that it has to be pointed out by someone in the know. Something similar transpired when BollywoodLife had exclusively interviewed Allu Sirish and he disclosed to us that Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan, directed by Kabir Khan, was (loosely) based on a blockbuster of Telugu cinema’s megastar, Chiranjeevi. In fact, the revelation came out of the blue, when we were having a lighthearted discussion with the actor about his best memories with his mother. Also Read – Trending Entertainment News Today: Ayyappanum Koshiyum’s Telugu remake, Kareena Kapoor in shock, Jin and Jimin’s car karaoke

Initially reminiscing a fun incident with his mother, that he vividly remember till date, Allu Sirish said, “I remember this incident, when I was six or seven years old, we had gone to a market and I got lost there and she was searching for me and after twenty minutes she found me. I was silently standing where I got misplaced. Then she asked, ‘Why didn’t you tell people that you were lost and waiting for your mother?’ I replied, ‘If they knew I was lost, they might have kidnapped me and I knew you’d come back, that’s why I was silent.’” Also Read – Okka Kshanam actor Allu Sirish opens up on why the nepotism debate hasn’t affected Telugu cinema despite so many star kids in Tollywood [Exclusive]

Upon pointing out that he was pretty smart at such a young age and it could also be all the cinematic influence having been raised in Telugu cinema’s esteemed Allu-Konidela film family, he added, “Yeah, I was quite a smart kid at such a young age, it seems. People just tell me that. See, there was also a movie of Chiranjeevi sir (his uncle) called Pasivadi Pranam, where the kid gets kidnapped, a small kid. I saw that movie and it just (struck me at that time)… And by the way, Bajarangi Bhaijaan was based on Pasivadi Pranam. The kid can’t speak in that, and somebody kidnaps her. I saw that movie as a kid and I thought that if ten people knew I was lost, someone would kidnap me or something like that.” Also Read – Trending Entertainment News Today: Allu Arjun’s Bollywood entry, Godzilla vs. Kong roars, Saina is a disaster

Wow…is your mind blown, or what?

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