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Will Digital Jewellery be a Future Trend?

Digital Jewellery

The changes in technology have brought about many miniature devices which allow people to do things with ease. The rapid use of these portable technologies and their multiple functionalities in assisting people to engage with other useful activities have made the technology a versatile tool for learning and leisure purposes. The fundamental use of wearable computers is their ability to equip the individual with personalized and customizable information. The latest computer usage has been to be able to wireless computers.

The computer fashion wave, “Digital Jewellery” looks to be the next sizzling fashion trend of the technological wave. Digital Jewellery will be an evolution in digital jewellery that makes computer elements entirely compatible with the human form. By this, we would be able to communicate by means of email and voice mail.

Working of Digital Jewellery

With digital jewellery, the keypad and calling function is integrated into the bracelet. Voice recognition software will be used to make calls, a capability that is already common in many cell phones. We need to mention the name of the person we want to call, the phone will dial that person. Users talk into the necklaces embedded microphone and the information is transferred in the form of signals. The embedded sensors help transit information through Bluetooth wireless technology.

If there is any phone call, the ring flashes to inform and can as well notify you that email is piling up in your inbox. The mouse ring, Bluetooth bracelet with a built-in rechargeable battery vibrates when a call is coming.


  1. Portability- One of the most distinguishing features of a wearable computer is that it can be used while walking or moving around because of its small size. This particular feature distinguishes wearable computers from desktop to digital jewellery.
  1. Sensors- A wearable computer should have sensors for its physical environment. Such sensors might include wireless communications, Cameras or microphones.
  1. User Attention Free- This particular type of technology shall not require attention or any type of interaction. It is unobtrusive and unrestrictive to the user. The user shall be able to walk around or ride in a crowded bus.


The health hazard posed by mobile devices can never be optimized. It ranges from eye strain and headache. The huge manufacturing cost of the Digital jewellery is keeping it unreachable to purchase.

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