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Discord Annual Event in Snowsgiving 2021: How and why to join?

Snowsgiving 2021

Discord has begun its annual event and calling it Snowsgiving 2021. Along with it comes several Daily Snowy Surprises and discord games. It is being hosted on discord’s townhall server. For the event townhall server in now Snowsgiving 2021. Discord has been hosting Snowsgiving since 2016.

Snowsgiving is now a place where people from all over the discord community can come to one place, make friends, play games, and have fun. Discord host’s variety of contests, giveaways during the event. This is also the time when they donate to charitable organizations.

Snowsgiving 2021 Events

As for the events in Snowsgiving, it is a creative contest. This time there are categories of contests hosted in the server:

  • Art Contest – With Winter Art as theme
  • Music Contest
  • Emote Contest

These contests are open to residents of 7 countries. USA, Japan, Canada (excluding Quebec), Mexico, France, Germany, and Great Britain.

For the residents of other nations, the Snowsgiving Gaming Village is always open.

In the Gaming Village, the members can join anyone of the Village Voice Channels, and select which game they wish to play. The embedded games in the discord voice channel are playable while in the voice channel.

Members of the server can play up to 5 different games:

  • Chess in the Park
  • Doodle Crew
  • Letter Tile
  • Checkers in the Park
  • Word Snacks

Daily Snowsgiving Surprises

During the event, discord is also rolling out special Snowsgiving Surprises to everyone and exclusive surprises to Nitro users. Revealing surprises daily between 6th December 2021 to 13th December 2021. Each surprise before revealing is marked with either “Surprises for everyone” or “Surprises for Nitro Members”.

How to join Snowsgiving 2021?

To join Snowgiving 2021, follow this below simple step.

Step 1: Open Discord and in the Home Page click on Snowsgiving Seasonal Event

Step 2: After redirecting to the Discord Snowsgiving Page, scroll down to Join Snowsgiving Server.

Step 3: Accept the invite from Snowsgiving 2021

Step 4: If your phone number is not verified, then the server will ask you to verify your phone number.

Step 5: After verification, read the terms and conditions along with the rules.

Step 6: Click Accept

Congratulations!!! You are now on Snowgiving 2021 server.

To join the Gaming Village, check the announcements on the server. There, you will see an invite link to Gaming Village.

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