Home News Dispute breaks out at iPhone maker Wistron’s Karnataka factory

Dispute breaks out at iPhone maker Wistron’s Karnataka factory

Dispute breaks out at iPhone maker Wistron's Karnataka factory

A violent clash broke out between the employees and authorities in the iPhone maker Wistron Corporation’s factory in the Southern city of India, Bangalore.

The Taiwan-based company faces allegations for not paying employee’s salaries on time amid the coronavirus pandemic. The dispute started when employees were finishing a late-night shift on the weekend. 

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Wistron Corporation runs on the efforts of nearly 5,000 workers who have now alleged the iPhone manufacturing company has not been paying their wages completely in the recent past which has negatively affected the employees, especially due to the ongoing pandemic.

While exiting the factory on Saturday, employees started hitting furniture, assembly units, equipment and vehicles parked outside. The whole tussle was caught on the company’s CCTV cameras. The glass panes and windows were also broken by a few employees, as shown in several videos recorded by employees, which are surfacing on various social media accounts. 

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Employees have alleged the company has been paying them an amount much lower than what they were guaranteed at the time of joining, and even though the work is being completed on time, the salary is being delayed from the employer’s end.

As the employees were ending a late-night shift on the weekend, many of them started talking among themselves about this delay and unmet promises. The discussion soon turned to anger which then led to a sudden violent outburst.

The company has alleged a loss of INR 437.40 crore which rises out of the destruction of assembly lines, equipment, mobile phones, cars, golf carts, and more. The Director of the company Sudipto Gupta has assured they will be assisting the police completely in the investigation. “We follow the law and are supporting the authorities with their investigation. The safety and wellbeing of our team members is always our top priority,” he said. 


Company executive T D Prashanth has alleged the destruction was carried out by nearly 5,000 employees of the company and 2,000 unidentified and unknown people, who are being rumoured to be outsiders.

An investigation in this matter has been launched after an official complaint was launched by the company in the Vemagal police station.

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