Emily Blunt Explained How She Was Nearly Cast As Black Widow In The MCU

Emily Blunt Explained How She Was Nearly Cast As Black Widow In The MCU

Emily Blunt was nearly cast as Black Widow in the Marvel films.

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The actor revealed how Scarlett Johansson got the job instead of her during a recent appearance on The Howard Stern Show.

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“I actually do want to clean up the story,” Blunt said. “I was contracted to do Gulliver’s Travels. I didn’t want to do Gulliver’s Travels.”

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“It was a bit of a heartbreaker for me because I take such pride in the decisions that I make and they mean so much to me, the films that I do,” she continued. “So that was tough.”

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Because of her prior commitment to Gulliver’s Travels, Blunt had to pass on the role. However, it seemed to be for the best because the actor said the superhero film genre has become quite “exhausted.”

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“It’s not that it’s beneath me. It’s not. I loved Iron Man, and I wanted to work with Robert Downey Jr.,” Blunt said. “It would have been amazing, but I don’t know if superheroes are for me.”

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“They’re not up my alley,” she admitted. “I think it’s been exhausted. We are inundated. It’s not that it’s only the movies; it’s the endless TV shows as well.”

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Although Blunt worries that there may be one too many superhero movies out there, she said she would like to play a heroic character in the future.

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“It’s not to say that I would never want to play one,” she said. “It would just have to be something so cool…and then I would be interested.”

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“In general, I don’t race to see superhero movies,” Blunt added. “They leave me feeling a little bit cold. I can’t explain it. I can’t get in there.”

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