Home Sports Endorsing LeBron’s ‘Dream’ to rid Atlanta WNBA team of Kelly Loeffler (plus suggested partners!)

Endorsing LeBron’s ‘Dream’ to rid Atlanta WNBA team of Kelly Loeffler (plus suggested partners!)

Endorsing LeBron's 'Dream' to rid Atlanta WNBA team of Kelly Loeffler (plus suggested partners!)

Bring it on, Bron.

Bring it on, Bron.
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You’ve probably heard by now that a seismic shift has occurred politically, socially, and otherwise, thanks largely to the WNBA’s Atlanta Dream. They began pushing to rid Kelly Loeffler from the United States Senate, ending with Reverend Raphael Warnock defeating her and actually doing what she never did: Win an electoral race.

Warnock’s victory alone triggered national exuberance from fair-minded, democracy seeking individuals longing to rid themselves of that no-lip having dude from the Senate Majority Leader seat. And then, we had LeBron James late last night publicly ponder about purchasing the Dream.

So this sparks two things immediately: The first is, what would the potential ownership group look like? Loeffler’s net worth is reportedly $800 million, and James’ allegedly stands around $500 million. (And yes, net worth, like plus/minus, is an imperfect stat, but it provides a gauge to navigate through this.) For James, at least, that number will continue to climb and probably has already, so it’s entirely possible that the group he’d partner with ain’t but so large. Let’s survey through some actual responses to his tweet, as there were many commenting about chipping in, and many appeared to be deadass serious.

Other names James could potentially partner with? Let’s speculate, and perhaps, speak it out into the universe.


The legendary hip-hop artist, whom James loves, has made many inroads outside of music, particularly with his venture capital firm, Queensbridge Venture Partners. Reportedly with a net worth of $70 million, way up from a previously alleged $17 million several years ago, Nas saw his monetary value climb after investments in apps like Lyft, DropBox, Genius, SeatGeek, Pluto TV, Ring and others. As a lifelong Nas listener, I’ve long speculated that he’d get into sports business at some point.


The mogul, the producer, the Revolt TV, and Bad Boy founder, and he’s worth nearly $1 billion. They’re tight, they’ve raised money together, and Diddy has already eyed sports ownership previously, going as far as to bid for the Carolina Panthers. For obvious reasons, he’d probably be more welcomed in the WNBA, but it’s not his fault, it’s the NFL’s.

Maverick Carter

More than just “LeBron’s boy” as he and Rich Paul are often unfairly labeled, Carter’s fast increasing net worth is supposedly at $50 million. Though, that may rapidly ascend in the coming years. Along with James, Carter is the co-founder of SpringHill Entertainment, as well as a founder of LRMR and Uninterrupted. Carter would naturally be involved with whatever venture his business partner and best friend embarks on, so of course, he gets a mention.


It’s mildly surprising that Drake’s reported net worth is under $200 million, but it’s more than enough to contribute to this particular venture. Drake and James have been fans of each other ever since the four-time Grammy-winning Canadian artist broke into the mainstream in 2009. He’s been a Toronto Raptors global ambassador, and has rapped lovingly about Atlanta ever since So Far Gone. We know of his sports fandom, so this one’s a match.

The second thing regarding James’ tweet is the hope that he follows through. James quotes Malcolm X and has been seen with his book publicly, but some question if he has actually finished it. So hopefully, his Dream isn’t virtual signaling because it could begin a trend of Black (and other minority) ownership in the most whitewashed circles of sports. It would also help bring eyeballs to actual WNBA basketball games instead of people (not James, but others ) championing them on social media whenever it’s the trendy thing to do.

Besides, have y’all seen future All-Star and 2020 All-Rookie Team honoree Chennedy Carter play? She’s nice, bruh.

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