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EXCLUSIVE: Tulsi Kumar on Tanhaai, working with Jubin & more: Great to work with people sharing same ideology

EXCLUSIVE: Tulsi Kumar on Tanhaai, working with Jubin & more: Great to work with people sharing same ideology

Tulsi Kumar, who had collaborated with Jubin Nautiyal for Main Din Bhulaa Du, is all praises for the singer and shared her experience about working with him along with her show Indie Hain Hum season 2 and more.

Tulsi Kumar has been on a roll lately. The renowned singer has won millions of hearts with her soulful voice and each of her tracks ends up being a chartbuster. Recently, Tulsi made the headlines after she came up with her independent track Tanhaai which was loved by the audience and touched their hearts. This isn’t all. She had also collaborated with Jubin Nautiyal for the song Main Din Bhulaa Du which has received a massive response. Besides, Tulsi also grabbed the headlines as she has turned host and RJ for the first time for Indie Hain Hum season 2 and she can’t stop gushing about it.

While Tulsi is undoubtedly enjoying a great time on the professional front, Pinkvilla got candid about the success of her songs, turning RJ for Indie Hain hum season 2 and even opened up about her plans to make an acting debut along with much more. Here are the excerpts from the interview:

From being a renowned playback singer to facing the camera in your songs and now turning host and RJ for the first time. How do you look at your journey so far?

Playing several roles, doing different things always excites me. Of course, I’m doing playback for films, doing a lot of independent music lately, also featuring in my music videos is a lot of fun and now this whole new journey, a whole new chapter of turning an RJ and host for the very first time for Indie Hain Hum season 2. I think it’s been a great opportunity because the show itself is a great initiative that provides a platform to the upcoming Indie artists and musicians and bands from across the country and me being that bridge between those artists and the audiences where we bring forth the talent in front of the audiences. It”s a great feeling to be in that space and yes in a way I am very thankful and grateful and definitely, the entire journey has been very very exciting, enriching and it’s been a great learning experience for me.

What made you say yes to Indie Hain Hum season 2?

I come from a family where my father did things single-handedly and he built a music empire himself. At the time when he was building himself, he also gave an opportunity to various talented individuals whether in the field of acting, singing, we have a lot of singers introduced to the industry by my father Shri Krishna Kumarji. In a way I feel that I am carrying his legacy forward because through the show when the show came up to me Indie Hain Hum season 2, I felt that I would get an opportunity to interact with talent across the country and these talented individuals will be presented in front of a large audience through the show and their talent will get recognition. In a way, I’m just carrying my father’s legacy forward through this show of introducing upcoming fresh talent to the audiences and it feels great that I am able to do this for the upcoming singers and I’m being the face of the show and to bring the two sides together

Over a period of time, there has been a growth in followers of Indie music and independent artists. What’s your take on this?

Definitely, independent music and art is getting so much love and respect and why not because the journey of one full, if 5 min, song it’s almost like the process of a whole film because the film is 3 hrs and the song is just 5 mins but an equal amount of hard work goes into making a brand new song and working on it right from scratch, from writing the lyrics to the music to being involved in the video concept, making the video, shooting for it. So, I think it really grooms you as a whole and independent artist is usually respected and their music has a larger section of audiences, a lot of radio channels are supporting it like as I said even our show Indie Hain Hum is all about Indie music and independent artists. The Punjab industry has been very instrumental in bringing the pop music and pop scene back where we see a lot of artists from Punjab cutting singles and doing so tremendously well. So, I am very happy independent music is getting its due credit and respect and everyone is talking about it and appreciating it, helping to promote it.

Your latest single with Main Din Bhulaa Du with Jubin Nautiyal has been a hit? How do you feel about this adulation coming your way?

Main Jis Din Bhula du was the latest collaboration with Jubin, before this, it was Pehle Pyar Ka Pehle Ghum yet again with Jubin Nautiyal. The song is getting a great response, it is a beautiful romantic hummable track that will take you back in time and make you relieve the retro era of ’80s. It’s always good to know that your work is been appreciated and loved, whenever I do a song my ultimate goal is “logo ko acha lagna chahiye” and people should connect and love the song.

How was the experience working with Jubin?

The experience of working with Jubin is always wonderful. He has such a unique and distinct tone, there is a soothing factor in his vocal quality and I always appreciate him for that. Whenever we collaborate it’s mostly been for soft romantic numbers that click really well with the audiences. Jubin is a wonderful human being and we all know that he is such a great artist and also a very dear friend of mine. It’s always great to work with someone who shares the same ideologies as you do.

Talking about new experiences, your song Tanhaai was another different experience as well wherein the audience saw you in a never seen before avatar. Were there any inhibitions while trying this genre?

Tanhaai is my baby, the song right from scratch when it was conceptualized that was what I wanted to do so definitely there were no inhibitions. With independent music sometimes you are able to bring yourself out and your persona out, Tanhaai was that song for me. I am usually offered film songs that are mostly soft and romantic numbers and of course, I love doing them but there is a side of me that likes being on stage, performing in a complete rock form so this pop rock single of mine Tanhaai that came in last year has got amazing love and response and this is something I wanted to do differently and was never in 2 minds. I knew it will either get accepted or rejected but I really wanted to give my heart and soul to this song right from the start of the song to finalization of the lyrics and melody with Sachet-Parampara, to discussing and having the whole video concept ready. The entire video concept being my idea, I think with this song there were no inhibitions and I was extremely excited that people are going to see me in an all new avatar and I am very happy that they loved it and today Tanhaai is at 100 million for a complete female solo independent track to reach is these numbers are really great and more than anything else when people say they have connected with the song and feel inspired and motivated after listening Tanhaai is what the huge compliment for me

With so many experiences happening, do we see you making an acting debut soon on the big screens?

Acting debut, well I doubt because I am very in the space that I am in currently. I am enjoying a lot of love from my listeners and audiences, they are loving me in my music videos so in a way there I get a chance to act as well and connect with my audiences. I have never thought of doing like a full fledged film but I am definitely going to continue featuring in my music videos because that helps me connect even better with my fans when they see the face, because they already know the voice so when they see the face along with the voice I think it has a huger connect with the fans. So you will definitely see me more in my music videos but haven’t thought anything other than that.

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