Home News Farmers run riot in Delhi on Republic Day

Farmers run riot in Delhi on Republic Day

Farmers run riot in Delhi on Republic Day

India celebrated its 72nd Republic Day today. It was a day when India proudly displays its military might and cultural diversity while celebrating its unsung heroes.

However, today’s Republic Day celebration was hijacked by a protest that turned into a riot as protesters chased policemen using tractors as tanks in the heart of Delhi.

The majestic Red Fort was overrun by hundreds of so-called farmers even as leaders of the farmer protests wasted no time in dissociating themselves from it.

The state-run buses were hit by tractors as public property was vandalised.

These farmers were protesting against India’s new farm laws. There have been multiple rounds of talks with the government but the stalemate continues. In order to demonstrate their dissent, the farmers had sought permission for a tractor rally on Republic Day. The Supreme Court of India had left the decision to the Delhi Police.

The Delhi Police had given permission for the tractor rally with farmers allotted a specific route for their rally largely on the outskirts of the capital so that the residents of Delhi were not inconvenienced.

However, as the farm groups approached Delhi, they not only diverted from the agreed route but also broke through the barricades. The police tried to stop them and in some cases used brute force as clashes ensued. There were reports of violence and vandalism from many parts of the capital and within hours, the protesting farmers entered the Red Fort complex.

The attempt to embarrass the government on a day like this is evident but it comes at a huge cost for the protesters since their own leaders have begun condemning the violence and whatever public sympathy they had seems to be eroding.

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