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Find out the best meal to cook on the weekend based on your zodiac sign

Find out the best meal to cook on the weekend based on your zodiac sign

When it comes to gorging on delicious food and experimenting in the kitchen on the weekend, every zodiac sign has different preferences. So here is the ideal meal for each zodiac sign to indulge in on the weekend.

The weekend is here, it is time to relax, unwind and take a much-needed break from the monotonous and tiring life. When it comes to making the most of your weekend, some people prefer going out with their family or friends, while others like to relax at home and spend a laidback day. 


While spending your weekend at home, the best way to unwind is to cook a wholesome meal and pamper your tastebuds. So here is the best meal to cook on the weekend, based on your zodiac sign. 



When it comes to Aries-born people who are inherently adventurous and risk-takers, the best meal for them is any dish belonging to Asian cuisine, be it ramen, noodles or kung pao chicken!




Taureans are homely and down-to-earth people who want nothing more than a comforting and warm bowl of hot soup. So for them, comfort food is their go-to meal when it comes to weekend meals.




Geminis are moody and indecisive and therefore, they often tend to have mini-meals throughout the day. For them, the best meal is chilli-topped sweet potatoes, which is light and delicious and can be eaten at any given hour of the day.




For Cancerians, they want something easy to prepare and that will make them feel full and content at the end of it. Spaghetti with meatballs is their perfect weekend meal, as it is quick to cook and irresistibly delicious and filling.



Since Leos are always on high-alert and taking charge of things, they want something laidback and easygoing on the weekend. Tacos are the best suited weekend meal for them as they hardly require any cooking and are light on the stomach.




Virgos are health-conscious people who never allow themselves to indulge in their guilty pleasures even on the weekends. For them, a piping hot bowl of healthy and nutritious chicken soup is perfect as a weekend meal.




Librans like wholesome food that would make them feel warm and comfort them. So something as delicious yet comforting as savoury pies like a baked potato pie is the best meal for them.





Scorpios wait with bated breath for the weekend and believe that this is the time for them to let loose. They are experimental and bold in the kitchen, and for them, the best meal for the weekend is a piping hot plate of sizzlers.




Sagittarians are not too fond of cooking and prefer ordering in than spending their precious weekend in the kitchen. Therefore, for them, pizza is their go-to weekend meal.




Polished, sophisticated and gourmet food lovers, Capricorns can go for something as fancy as the French dish Coq au Vin, to cook on the weekend. 




Aquarians are creative and innovative, be it at any task. They like experimenting and get attracted to unconventional and unique things. For them, out of the box meals like onion soup or cauliflower lasagna is perfect to gorge on the weekend 




Pisces-born people just want a quick and delectable dish that they can prepare in minutes without having to compromise on the taste. Any one-dish meals like fried rice or salad are ideal for them to prepare for the weekend.

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