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Windows 11: First look on new Desktop and Clipboard UI features

Windows 11 UI

One thing that differentiates windows from MacOS is the sheer amount of customizability that is open and allowed for everyone to tinker with. Windows 11 took that idea up a notch in the recent update. 

Microsoft plans to update personalization settings with Windows 11. This includes support for new features and UI changes. One such update is the new Spotlight feature. The clipboard (accessed by pressing win + v) is also getting shiny new themes.

Windows Spotlight Collection

Spotlight has been present in Windows since 2015. It basically displays high-resolution images for the lock/login screen. This makes windows look more pleasing. Users might find it similar to the daily wallpapers from Bing search. Spotlight is integrated into the OS which makes it run smoothly. It also shows ads along with personalized suggestions.

As Spotlight is powered by Bing, the high-resolution images are pleasing to look at. Users have requested for quite some time to be able to use these images for their background wallpapers. Microsoft has heard this feedback and will allow users to do so from Windows 11 22H2.

In the Windows 11 Build 22518, Microsoft tested a new personalization setting called “Spotlight Collection”. When enabled, the desktop background will get updated from the Spotlight collection images. This same feature also powers the lock screen and Bing.

Enabling Spotlight Collection:

To enable it for desktop, follow these steps:

  1. Update to Dev Channel (Build 22518+).
  2. Right-click on your desktop and select Personalization. Or Open Windows Settings > Personalization.
  3. Choose “Background”.
  4. Click on the “Personalize your background” dropdown.
  5. Select “Spotlight collection”.

After selecting Spotlight Collection, the desktop background will immediately change. Users will also notice a new Spotlight icon. It will be pinned to the top right side of the display. 

A collection may include up to five pictures. These pictures will rotate as the desktop background.

UI changes for Clipboard and emoji panel

Microsoft is also working on customization settings for text inputs. The Windows Clipboard and Emoji panel can be personalized. 

Users will be able to use any of the existing 13 keyboard themes for the emoji panel. This extends to the voice typing panel too. These new options are under the new “Text Input” section. To access them; go to Settings> Personalization> Text Input.

Windows Clipboard
Windows Clipboard
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