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Flu vs. Covid: Ways to establish symptoms and variations

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Alina Dizik

, The Wall Road Journal

Flu and other seasonal ailments portion symptoms with Covid. But there are many ways to reduction resolve what’s immoral.

As the autumn flu season approaches while the Covid-19 pandemic continues, cold-weather sniffles have a tendency to provoke even extra fright than usual. Some symptoms of flu—as well as colds and other autumn ailments—are corresponding to Covid’s, making it more durable to clutch what’s immoral. Fever, dry cough, fatigue and physique aches are frequent with both the flu and Covid.

Whenever you occur to’re fervent, name your doctor. And there are many ways to attempt to acknowledge the variations. Here’s what docs assert.
Can you differentiate between sicknesses by monitoring your fever?
Fever is frequent in Covid-19, and moreover seemingly to appear with the flu and other viruses. But fevers that result from the unconventional coronavirus are inclined to return on stronger and cause chills and main discomfort even when they don’t climb far previous 100.4 degrees, says Panagis Galiatsatos, a doctor in pulmonary and severe care medication on the Johns Hopkins Faculty of Treatment in Baltimore. “Covid-19 fevers usually are not subtle,” he says. “Look beyond the number to witness how the fever is making you truly feel.”
Does the price of onset vary between Covid-19 and flu?
How like a flash you attain down with symptoms could per chance per chance be telling for some folks, specifically for fogeys that can pinpoint their day of exposure. Coronavirus symptoms on the total attain on around day 5 to seven, but can appear so long as 14 days after exposure. Of us that non-public the flu are inclined to abilities symptoms one to four days after exposure, says Molly Fleece, an infectious illness specialist on the University of Alabama at Birmingham.
Whenever you occur to’re staying residence to track your symptoms, what are the indicators that will display Covid-19?
As the virus progresses, it might most likely most likely per chance also moreover be less complicated to repeat whether it’s Covid-19 or one more illness, says Ben Singer, pulmonary and severe care specialist at Northwestern Treatment in Chicago. Amongst potentially the most telltale indications of Covid-19 are shortness of breath, pneumonia and persevered fever. “If folks are at residence monitoring their symptoms, the thing to gaze out for is that issues are in most cases getting worse,” Dr. Singer says.
Sneezing and a stuffy nose are on the total associated with a cold. Can nasal congestion be a signal of Covid-19?
Certain, on the replacement hand it’s less seemingly. The appropriate form news is that virtually all colds originate up with nasal congestion, on the replacement hand it’s not one among the major symptoms of Covid-19, says Dr. Fleece. A stuffy nose is moreover less worrisome if that’s the entirely symptom you will non-public, she provides. Having Covid-19 with “real a runny nose could per chance per chance also be unlikely,” she provides.
One other symptom that’s extra prevalent with a cold: a wet cough where phlegm is fervent. On the replacement hand, a dry cough or specifically a shortage of smell or style also can moreover be symptomatic of Covid-19, she provides.
How vital is it that I web a flu shot this year?
It is distinguished. Despite the truth that you attain web in heart-broken health with the flu, the vaccine can reduce the duration and severity of the illness. That helps withhold you out of the ER, lowering the stress on the well being care system when docs are attempting to strive against Covid. And your getting vaccinated helps prevent the unfold to others, in conjunction with infants and other medically inclined these that can’t web a flu shot.
Will this year’s flu shot help boost immunity for Covid-19?
There’s no evidence that the flu vaccine can help offer protection to you from Covid-19. But in most cases, “vaccines make stronger, not weaken, the immune system,” says David Beuther, chief clinical records officer at National Jewish Health in Denver. “The extra you’ve been vaccinated in latest years, the upper professional your immune system is.”
Will getting the flu shot web it less complicated to repeat the adaptation between flu and Covid-19?
Whether or not you’ve had your flu shot shall be one among the prime questions physicians ask in screening for Covid-19 symptoms, helping docs web a right form prognosis. “The flu shot is on the total vital this year,” says Dr. Beuther. “It will most likely enormously within the reduction of your probability of influenza, and within the reduction of the likelihood that you’ll be on this conundrum.”
Does having the flu web you further inclined to Covid-19? Can you web them on the identical time?
It’s that you furthermore mght can agree with that having a severe case of flu could per chance per chance web you further inclined to one more illness, in conjunction with Covid, says Dr. Galiatsatos. But since Covid is so new, not distinguished is identified about how one will non-public an ticket on the replacement.
Whenever you occur to attain occur to web both flu and Covid on the identical time, your illness could per chance per chance be extra severe. “A second viral infection could per chance warrant closer monitoring of a affected person for deterioration,” says Dr. Beuther. Throughout flu season, most folks shall be examined for added than one viruses, in conjunction with Covid-19, to reduction docs secure a clearer record, he provides.
What are you able to salvage from native well being records to raised non-public in thoughts your symptoms?
Native well being departments on the total post records a pair of diversity of sicknesses to reduction clinical providers. Alongside with the flu, taking a gaze at will increase for other viruses in your put in conjunction with RSV (Respiratory syncytial virus) and parainfluenza can web it less complicated to elaborate symptoms, says James Cherry, a professor on the David Geffen Faculty of Treatment at University of California Los Angeles. “You non-public to contemplate epidemiology and what else is around now,” he says.
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