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FRIENDS: Phoebe-Mike, Rachel-Ross, Monica-Chandler – Every Wedding Was Special In The Show & Made Us Laugh!

The One With All The Wedding & Why Each Is Memorable

The One With All The Wedding & Why Each Is Memorable
Every Wedding In FRIENDS Is Unique & Here’s Some Highlights From Each Of Them (Photo Credit: Pinterest)

The show may be titled FRIENDS, but it has way too many romances and a good number of them ending in marriages. While currently we aren’t being invited to too many (COVID go away!), we decided to re-watch the wedding episodes of the much-loved sitcom and point out why each of them is unique and have a special place in our hearts.

During its 10 years run, we saw 5 of the 6 main characters walk down the aisle – some more than once. ‘90s wedding gowns, cringe-worthy moments, ultimate blunders and unforgettable love stories and vows – the weddings had them all.

From Phoebe-Mike (Lisa Kudrow and Paul Rudd) and Rachel-Ross (Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer) to Monica-Chandler (Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry) and more, check out the 7 weddings from FRIENDS we found unique.

Monica & Chandler


This wedding was a classic, elegant, and perfectly planned one- as expected from someone as OCD obsessed as Monica. Even a missing groom, a pregnancy revelation – Rachel is pregnant, and an officiate dressed like a WWI soldier (Joey) couldn’t stop Monica and Chandler from becoming one. The sweets and not, so sweets chit-chat while the weddings are on has many of us still switching between Awwws and ha ha ha’s.

The part one episode of this FRIENDS wedding has an IMDb rating of 8.9 & the second one rates 9.2.

Phoebe & Mike

A winter wedding is romantic, but Phoebe & Mike’s was the result of one disaster following another. The much in love couple were all set to tie the knot when an unexpected snowstorm hit the city and stranded them from reaching their destination. The duo tied the knot in a romantic outdoor winter wedding – that Joey officiated. While everyone wears a coat to the nuptials, the bride walks down the aisle in a strappy bridal gown and jokes about being the ‘something blue’ to her wedding.

The wedding saw Monica become the wedding planner and Chandler the person giving the bride away. This FRIENDS episode has an 8.9 IMDb rating.

Rachel & Ross Las Vegas Wedding

Ross has a history of getting married, but this was one he wasn’t prepared for. While Monica and Chandler were deciding to take the plunge, it was Ross and Rachel who finally tied the knot in a channel in Las Vegas. A drunken marriage is bound to end in disaster, and we saw exactly that happen with loads of comedy.

While the nuptials weren’t shown on screen, the newlyweds screaming, “Well, hello Mrs. Ross” and “Well, hello Mr. Rachel” made us laugh to no end. This FRIENDS episode has a 9.1 IMDb rating.

Emily & Ross

Who can forget this episode? Well, we definitely can’t! Ross is all set to walk down the aisle for the second time, and that too in London. All set to marry Emily, Ross makes the ultimate wedding faux-pas – he takes the wrong woman’s name. When making his vows, Mr Geller says, “I Ross, take thee, Rachel…” instead of his to-be-wife. When the officiate asked Emily if he should continue the ceremony, she says yes to save face but locks herself in the bathroom after that.

This FRIENDS episode has an IMDb rating of 8.7 and is also special cos here’s where Monica and Chandler’s romance starts blossoming.

Lesbian Wedding


Seeing a lesbian or gay couple exchanging vows is still not a very common sight. But back in 1996, FRIENDS showcased an LGBTQ wedding on the small screen, breaking many taboos. The episode where Carol and Susan become ‘wife and wife’ is memorable as it saw Ross walking down his ex-wife to marry the woman of her dreams she left him for.

Interestingly, their reel-wedding was officiated by Candace Gingrich (Newt Gingrich’s sister), a real-life gay rights activist. This episode has an 8.1 IMDb rating.

Barry & Rachel

This is what we consider half a wedding as the bride ran away and the couple never officially became ‘man and wife.’ In the pilot episode of FRIENDS, we saw the runaway bride, Rachel, head to Central Perk to meet her high school friend Monica after bailing out on getting hitched.

This wedding episode is extra, extra special as this is the first time we are introduced to the gang we eventually fell in love with. It has an IMDb rating of 8.3.

Barry & Mindy


It isn’t easy heading for your ex-fiancé’s wedding, especially as the bridesmaid as it’s your best friend who he is marrying. But Rachel does so, and that too in a hideous, pinkest and puffiest Pepto Bismal Little Bo-Peep bridesmaids dress. What makes this wedding even more hilarious is Rachel accidentally walking down the aisle with the ugly dress tucked into her exposed underwear.

We love her for the way she stood strong amidst the stares and gossip. This FRIENDS episode has an 8.2 IMDb rating.

WHich FRIENDS wedding is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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