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Garena Free Fire vs PUBG Mobile: Which game has better graphics for high-end phones in 2021?

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PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire are two of the most successful battle royale titles in the esports community. Fans often compare the aspects of both titles to find out which one is better.

The two games share the theme of survival but have a slightly different approach to the gameplay modes, graphics, and visuals. Although Free Fire allows 60 players on the arena, PUBG Mobile places 100 players on the map.

This article compares PUBG Mobile and Free Fire to find out which game has the most efficient high-end (4GB – 6GB RAM) phone graphics in 2021.

PUBG Mobile vs Free Fire graphics for high-end phones

First of all, both games have outstanding graphics, but PUBG Mobile would definitely be the winner if frame-by-frame analysis were done.

Unreal Engine 4, a company popular for producing rich graphics for PC games, has designed PUBG Mobile. Therefore, PUBG Mobile has a smoother and more realistic graphics.

The game has a really nice map with dynamic and seamless color patterns. PUBG Mobile supports high-end (above 6GB RAM) smartphones with a 90 FPS frame rate.

The texture of Free Fire is simplified and more arcade-like. It has no realistic approach and hence makes the game feel cartoonish. This title, however, also incorporates various colors and lively contrasting frames that attract players.

Verdict: Which is better?

Both games are excellent and have immersive gameplay qualities in the esports industry. But, when it comes to high-end devices, PUBG Mobile provides an advanced and more detailed visual interface.

Free Fire’s key focus is to fulfill smartphone players’ needs with low-end features. Hence, there is justification in this case for the underwhelming graphic model.

Overall, PUBG Mobile is the clear winner for high-end smartphones as it offers better graphics with a higher frame rate of 60-90FPS.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the personal opinion of the author, and choosing one game over another based on the graphics quality, solely depends on every individual. Readers are free to have their own opinion.

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Published 01 Feb 2021, 12:27 IST

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