Home EntertainmentTV Harsh Rajput on playing a vampire in Kuch Toh Hai: I get dizzy when I get cut or see blood on my finger | Bollywood Life

Harsh Rajput on playing a vampire in Kuch Toh Hai: I get dizzy when I get cut or see blood on my finger | Bollywood Life

Harsh Rajput on playing a vampire in Kuch Toh Hai: I get dizzy when I get cut or see blood on my finger | Bollywood Life

Naagin 5 will soon shut shop and give way to a new show called Kuch Toh Hai that will feature Harsh Rajput and Krishna Mukherjee. Naagin 5 has had a decent fan following, however, the TRPs of the show wasn’t that great. And therefore the TV Czarina, Ekta Kapoor, has come up with a new supernatural TV show called Kuch Toh Hai – Naagin Ek Naye Rang Mein. In the show, Harsh Rajput, who has played a Davansh in Gul Khan’s Nazar will essay the role of a vampire. Harsh Rajput opened up on landing yet another supernatural show, saying, “I have been in the industry for 14 years now and I feel this is a result of all the hard work and efforts for many years. But, yes, I do love being part of supernatural shows. I played Daavansh in Nazar and maybe people liked that character and the makers felt I would suit the vampire character in Kuch Toh Hai.” Also Read – LOL: Nazar’s tiny tot Kiara Bhanushali imitates Chudail Sreejita De and it’s hilarious

Harsh added saying that playing a vampire is fulfilling his childhood dreams of playing such characters. “I have been a fan of superhero, fiction-fantasy characters and stories since childhood. It was my childhood dream to play these characters, which we read about in books; and watched in films. I have been a fan of the international television show Vampire Diaries, too. I haven’t seen many Dracula films but it is also an iconic character. Somewhere, my childhood dream of playing such characters is coming true,” Harsh Rajput told Etimes. Also Read – EXCLUSIVE! Nazar actor Harsh Rajput’s brother Preet Rajput steps into Ishaan Khatter’s shoes for the TV adaptation of Dhadak

Now, supernatural thriller shows have always been trolled by the memers. It is usually looked down upon by the audience as fictional show. Opening up on the same, Harsh said, “Vampire is not a character that originated from international TV shows. We have grown up hearing stories of vampires, so why should we get inspired? In fact, I do feel that people happily watch international supernatural shows and so there is no reason for them to look down and say Indian TV shows are inspired from them. Naagin, daayan, pisachini, vampires were all part of Indian stories and if the makers are bringing those characters to Indian television, why not?” Also Read – Here’s how Monalisa added a personal touch to Nazar’s Mohana – read details

But on a hilarious note, Harsh revealed that he is aversed to blood in real life. Yes, the lad who will be seen playing a blood feasting vampire gets dizzy on its sight. “No, I get dizzy when I get a cut or see blood on my own finger, how will I drink anyone’s blood? I am happy being an actor and enacting such interesting roles. I am really looking forward to this new beginning after spending many months at home during the pandemic,” Harsh told the portal.

The actor also revealed that he has been dieting to portray the role of a vampire on screen. “I have been following the 80:20 diet, wherein my food consists of 80 per cent proteins and the remaining 20 percent are veggies. I also spend around two hours in the gym because a fantasy-fiction show requires much more effort as you are performing daredevil stunts unlike a regular TV show, which is mostly shot in the kitchen, bedroom or drawing room,” he added.

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