Home Sports “He has been so helpful to all of us” – Anna Jay on Dustin Rhodes’ influence on AEW’s women’s division

“He has been so helpful to all of us” – Anna Jay on Dustin Rhodes’ influence on AEW’s women’s division

Anna Jay is very grateful for all the help Dustin Rhodes has given her

Anna Jay recently revealed what it is like having Dustin Rhodes coach the AEW women’s division. Jay would give credit to Rhodes for all the help he has provided, and how knowledgable he is about how everything works.

Anna Jay is a professional wrestler who has been in the business since 2018. She signed a contract with AEW in 2020, and is one of the most talented wrestlers on their women’s roster. She is currently working in a tag team with Tay Conti and is the only female member of The Dark Order.

In an interview on the Talk Is Jericho podcast, Anna Jay discussed what it was like being coached by Dustin Rhodes. She spoke about how much help Dustin Rhodes has provided to the women’s division in AEW, and credited his knowledge of matches and movesets as being one of the many reasons why he has been such a huge help to the women.

“He does the training for the women. He kind of knows how all of us move and what moves we do and how we wrestle. So it’s cool that he gets to be the coach for our matches because he already kind of has an idea in his head of how everything works. He has been so helpful to all of us. He has helped me tons.”

Dustin Rhodes has been working with the women’s division in AEW for some time now, and if Anna Jay is right, his training has been helping to improve the overall quality of the roster. Rhodes’ experience as a professional wrestler, both in the ring and on the mic, will definitely help the roster members improve at a rapid pace.

Anna Jay’s career in AEW so far

Anna Jay made her debut in AEW on April 1st, 2020 where she had a singles match against Hikaru Shida on Dynamite. She would sign with the company officially on April 6th, and her first official match as part of the AEW roster was against Abadon, a match which she lost.

Following the loss, she would start a friendship with Tay Conti, and team up with her for AEW’s Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament. She would later join The Dark Order, becoming member No. 99, and even receiving the monicker of ‘Queenslayer’ from the late Brodie Lee.

Anna Jay continues to impress in AEW, and has the potential to become one of the top talents in AEW’s Women’s division. What do you think of Anna Jay’s potential? Do you think Dustin Rhodes’ training has helped? Let us know down below.

Published 16 Jan 2021, 04:29 IST

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