Here’s when Shah Rukh Khan’s film with Rajkumar Hirani is likely to release, plus a major update on Pathan [Exclusive] | Bollywood Life

Here's when Shah Rukh Khan's film with Rajkumar Hirani is likely to release, plus a major update on Pathan [Exclusive] | Bollywood Life

There’s been tremendous buzz around Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming movie and no less amount of hearsay, too. For now, Pathan is the only upcoming Shah Rukh Khan movie that’s been confirmed, while his films with renowned directors like Rajkumar Hirani, Atless, Raj & DK, are all being talked about through industry and media circles albeit with no concrete information. To get a better grip on all things SRK in future, we spoke with one of the most reliable industry insiders, film exhibitor and distributor Akshaye Rathi, and to our utmost delight, not only did he divulge details on all the projects being linked to King Khan, but also gave us some major inside scoop on both Pathan and his film with Raju Hirani. Also Read – Republic Day 2021: From Shah Rukh Khan in Swades to Aamir Khan in Sarfarosh, 6 actors who played some inspiring patriotic characters

Opening up on the list of big filmmakers being associated with Shah Rukh Khan post Pathan, and how much of those movies are actually likely to happen with the superstar, Akshaye Rathi said, “Tough to really gauge because there’s been so much of speculation around the films that he’s doing. We’ve heard he’s doing a film with Rajkumar Hirani, we’ve heard he’s doing a film with Atlee, we’ve heard he’s doing a film with Raj & DK…there’s so many of these we’ve heard about it, but it’s really tough to say which ones of these he’s actually doing till the formal announcement come in. Pathan, of course, it’s on floors and it’s coming up, and of course there’s been a lot of speculation around the Rajkumar Hirani film, and hopefully, that’s the next one he’ll be doing, but tough to really say what he’s doing after that (post the Hirani collaboration) because seems to be no absolute clarity or announcement on any of those, but looking at the choice he’s being making or seems to be making, I’m sure it’ll be terrific going ahead.” Also Read – Republic Day 2021: Raazi, Swades, Airlift, Naya Daur – 8 Bollywood films that presented patriotism with subtlety

Coming to the major scoop on Pathan and Raju film, he added, “All of us are pretty hopeful of seeing Pathan this year. As for Rajkumar Hirani, if you look at his track record, he takes a lot of time writing a film and on his prep. However, for the time he starts shooting till it’s (the movie) release is usually a quick turnaround. So, assuming after finishing Pathan he begins that film (the Hirani one), I don’t think it should take longer than mid-next-year for it to release.” Also Read – Shah Rukh Khan’s film with Rajkumar Hirani to go on floors from THIS date? Here’s what we know

So, the takeaway after speaking with Akshaye Rathi is that while Pathan is likely to release (in theatres) this year, we shouldn’t count our chickens before they’re hatched (read official word comes in) and that Shah Rukh’s movie with Rajkumar Hirani could actually release sooner than we all had expected if everything goes according to plan.

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