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Hina Khan spills beans regarding her journey of 12 years in the showbiz industry

Hina Khan spills beans regarding her journey of 12 years in the showbiz industry

MUMBAI: Recently, Hina Khan posted on her social media handles that she will be completing 12 years in the industry in January. While congratulatory messages started pouring in as soon as she posted this, we got in touch with the actress to talk about her journey. Hina completes 12 years of her journey in the Indian showbiz industry today (January 12).

Hina, who became a household name with the show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, talks about how she evolved over the years, the time she left the show, risks that she has taken and what’s next for her.

Hina shares that as an actor, she can never feel the content but this is just the beginning. “I want to step into films and I did a couple of them and got quite a good response. The kind of work, the kind of projects I chose, I am quite happy with them. I am looking forward to doing a lot more in future.”, says Hina.

She added, “These 12 years have been very fruitful. I have received so much love, attention from my fans and well-wishers. These years have been a learning experience, whether it was about doing digital films, feature film, TV, launching shows, walking red carpets, walking international red carpets, winning awards and now an international recognition in an American film festival where I won the award for the ‘Best Actress’. This journey has been amazing.”.

Hina started her journey with the show YRKKH and feels proud to be associated with a show that has been one of the longest-running shows on TV. “When you take up a project, you never think about how it would turn out later. I know I started with Akshara (her character in the show), and she became larger than life and I am so proud of it. I did it for eight long years and considering how it works now, it is very difficult for actors to continue doing a show for such a long time.”, said Hina, by further adding, “….but ‘Rishta’ is still doing great, it feels nice to know that it is doing so well whether I am a part of it or not.”.

Hina shares that it was not easy to break away from her character’s image when she left the show. “I mean woh kehte hai na ki dur se sab suhana lagta hai, but everyone has their fair share of struggles. Of course, I would not deny that I got a huge opportunity to work in a show where I played such an iconic character. But when I left TV, it was not an easy journey. It wasn’t easy to break through or break that image or stereotypes that came with it, you get typecast. The longer you do, the more typecast you get. And I had done it for the longest time, so it was very difficult to break that bahu image and come out as a fashionista. But I didn’t give up, you just have to work here.”, said Hina.

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Talking about her international recognition and her work, Hina says, “I want to win every international award, get recognised everywhere for my hard work. I don’t think an actor would want anything else and I want to do good content. I am glad and I could do all of this because of the risks I have taken. I have been so lucky that I could prove myself right. God has been kind.”.

Hina said that taking up risks is the key. “Surviving in this industry is so important, I believe in taking baby steps and that’s what I am doing. I have taken risks, I have given up on huge amounts of money to be where I am today and I am so proud of it. It gives me a lot of confidence that in future if I want to do something, then I can take that risk but I have to be wise and understand if I need to take that risk. But I am glad with my experience and journey. I am looking forward to another 15 years now.”, she pointed out.

Hina feels that the perception towards TV actors is definitely changing. “We are not treated the way we used to be. Eight years, I went to my sets, came back home and slept. I did not know about fashion trends, I did not know what was happening in the outside world. It was like I was born again when I left my show. I had to start again from the beginning – how I am supposed to look, what I am supposed to wear and say.”, said Hina by adding, “But now, things have changed, people’s perceptions have changed. Now I am given equal importance like other Bollywood celebs, whether it is about how I am dressed, my hairstyle or my vacations.”.

Hina shares that she is awaiting the release of her film Lines and then she has another short film lined up. “I have music videos, want to do big shows, and work with good directors. I am aiming for a huge project, I want to work with brilliant actors, so I wish and pray that I get amazing projects in 2021, that is my wish.”, she said.

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