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What to ask your Wedding Photographers before Hiring?

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Wedding photographers are the most important vendor in any wedding. After all, they are responsible for capturing the entire wedding ceremony which you can cherish later in life. Therefore, choosing a photographer who does professional wedding photography is an overwhelming task. However, we are here to tell you few questions which you must ask your wedding photographer before hiring.

Read the entire blog carefully and remember to ask these questions whenever you are searching for a wedding photographer.

  1. Availability: This is the first question you must ask your wedding photographer because there will be no use of further questions if he/she is not available for booking on your wedding date.
  2. Booking and Cancellation Policy: Have a word with them regarding their booking and cancellation policy. Some photographers take advance payment while some have different methods of dealing with clients. Also, ask them of any hidden charges.
  3. Photography Style: If you have decided which style of photography you want at your wedding, then ask your wedding photographer whether they are specialized in that style or not. There are various types of photography such as traditional, candid, contemporary, etc.
  4. Experience: You would want a professional wedding photographer to shoot your wedding. Right? So, check their portfolio properly and see if they fit your desired criteria. Then only finalize them for the wedding.
  5. Budget: Always fix the budget for the wedding photography beforehand and find the person within that fixed budget. Ask them whether you can customize it as per your requirement? What is included in the package?
  6. Wedding Album: Ask them how long will it take wedding photos to be delivered? Tell them what type of album you want and whether there is an additional fee for a wedding album or is it covered in the package?
  7. Wedding Photoshoot: Ask your wedding photographer whether he/she will manage the entire wedding by themselves or do they have a team with them? It is better if there is a small team because it is impossible for one person to cover the entire ceremony.
  8. Extra Services: Some wedding photographers offer extra services with the packages. These may include pre-wedding photoshoots, photos of top quality, etc. It all depends on an individual whether they want to provide those additional services or not.
  9. Service Contract: Be sure that your contract or agreement mentions all services offered by them along with their policy. In case you have any doubt, then it is better to clarify it then and there so as to prevent any surprises on the wedding day.
  10. Backup Plan: God forbid if any unfortunate circumstances happen such as your photographer falls ill or is met with an accident, then ask them do they have any backup plan. Clarify with them, how well they take care in such a situation?
  11. Dressing Style: Ask them what are they planning to wear at your wedding? If you want your wedding photographers to dress in certain clothes to match the theme of your wedding, then confirm this during the meeting.

These questions will help you to get clarity on the wedding photographer. Ask these questions to the vendors before hiring them for your special day. The above-listed points include all essential things that a client should ask a wedding photographer.

In case, this looks like a huge task to you, then you always have an option to hire a wedding planner. For a wedding planner, this task is like a piece of cake. They are an expert in this field and they handle such responsibilities on a daily basis.

Make sure to hire a professional wedding photographer who will capture your special day the way you want. We hope that these questions will assist you to choose a wedding photographer efficiently. Find a wedding photographer online from a trusted source. And, do not forget to have a gala time at your wedding. Enjoy your wedding day because you would only be able to re-live those moments through photographs clicked by your wedding photographer.


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