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Horimiya Season 2: Release Date, Plot And Everything You Must Know!! – Crossover 99

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The anime “Horimiya” is based on a Japanese web manga by HERO. The very first publication occurred in February 2007 on the HERO-Sensei website. After 10 volumes, the most important story has been completed, but side stories appeared, which can be printed to this day. In October 2011, a manga called “Horimiya” was printed, which at the end of 2020 consisted of 15 volumes, and this isn’t the limit. And since July 2012, the manga”Hori-san and Miyamura-kun: Omake” has been published, the 14th volume was released in September 2020.

The original animations have been made based on the manga, today it’s time to get an anime show. Will the success of Season 1 be replicated?

Horimiya Season 2 release date predictions: Sequel renewal likely

As of this last update, Aniplex, Square Enix, Studio CloverWorks, or any company related to the production of the anime has not officially confirmed the Horimiya Season 2 launch date. Nor has the creation of a Horimiya movie been announced.

Once the information is formally confirmed this article will be updated with all the appropriate info.

In the meantime, it is impossible to speculate about when, or when, the Horimiya Season 2 premiere date will probably occur in the future.

Reviews from the critics and anime fans have been very great, getting similar scores to other romcom anime like Kaguya-same: Love is War. The Kaguya-Sama Season 3 anime has already been verified to be in production, but it remains to be seen whether Horimiya will become a multi-season anime.

Horimiya Season 2

It’s predicted that the Horimiya Season two anime is going to be renewed by the anime production committee. The main issue is whether the production will be greenlit now that the manga series has come to an end. There’s also the distinct possibility that the very first season will finish the whole story in 13 episodes.

Coincidentally, AnimeJapan 2021 will include a special stage presentation for its Horimiya anime, which takes place mere days before the anime’s finale episode premieres. Therefore, it’s possible but not confirmed an announcement will take place that day.


Kyoko Hori is a smart woman that no man can pass. She appears to be born for a star. And while her college friends see her lively, hot, fun, and happy, Hori is very different outside of school. The girl gently protects her key — no one should know that she’s full of care for her younger brother, comfort, and cleanliness at the house.

Izumi Miyamura is Hori’s classmate, he is a silent and serene man so much the girl never noticed his existence in the class. Exactly before the moment when fate pushed them face to face. A chance acquaintance turned their lives upside down. It ends up that Miyamura is completely different from that which his peers view him. Quiet and inconspicuous at school, the guy turns on the street into an active and brave adolescent, with tattoos and many piercings.

Now, knowing one another’s secrets, Hori and Miyamura become close buddies. Spending time together, completely new, wonderful feelings start to arise between them…

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