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Horoscope for Today: Here is What the Stars Have in Store for You

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Aries: You will want to take on new projects today and if your gut feeling supports it, go for it. You will feel confident about the decisions you make and will pick up a new hobby.

Taurus: Expect a gift today, especially from someone senior like a grandparent. Delayed payments will likely be received today. Expect a quiet day with a lot of philosophical thoughts.

Gemini: You will be very emotionally charged today. Try to not let these high-octane emotions affect your workplace or love-life. Take a step back or even a break to gather your thoughts and focus more on pragmatism.

Cancer: Expect a lover’s quarrel today as things may not go all smooth with your partner or spouse. There is a chance that the quarrel may develop into a serious divide so tread carefully.

Leo: You will be required to make an important decision about a business partnership today. Recent financial problems will still hover around you and affect the business decisions you take.

Virgo: You will be breaking out of your comfort zone and taking on new opportunities today; both in professional life and in personal. Today is the day to expand your horizons and experiment. You will also find a way to achieve to the perfect work-life balance.

Libra: Your romantic stars are shining bright so expect to meet a special someone very soon, possibly even today! You will be in a happy-go-lucky mood all day which will reflect positively on all aspects of your life.

Scorpio: Your financial situation is likely to get better as you will be making steps towards future savings today. Expect a quiet and fulfilling day at home surrounded by your loved ones.

Sagittarius: You will be in a very creative mood today. Channel that creative energy into your work and improve all your current projects. You may even feel like using the creative force for something more artistic like poetry or drawing; lean into it.

Capricorn: If you are in the field of research, expect to have your Eureka! Moment today. You will be spending some quality time with a romantic partner or family towards the evening.

Aquarius: You will feel joyful today after helping a friend in need. You will also find new ways to find more positive outlook on life and how to remove yourself from stressful situations.

Pisces: You will learn the difference between friends and acquaintance today. Expect a wide variety of human interactions as someone will rush to help you while other “friends” will turn their backs on you.

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