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How Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) sold out so quickly in India?

14 January: Sony PS5 was launched in November 2020 globally but it was delayed in India as India was not a priority market for Sony PlayStation sales. However, the PS5 was finally going to launch with preorders beginning from 12th January. And contrary to people’s expectation the ps5 was sold out within minutes of its sale on Amazon and Flipkart. Now Sony PS5 is out of stock everywhere not only in India but all over the world. 

 Few who were able to grab it are at peak of their of happiness. But many were left disappointed

This was the amazon page after sale 

We’re temporarily out of stock on PS5. Stay tuned for updates.

Will PS5 be in restock soon? 

In India, there is still no news when ps5 will be restocked. However, in UK PS5 are restocked and will be on sale on 14th January this a good signal for people in India as same can be expected here also considering the demand. 

Now only thing one can do is to wait till Sony restocks PS5 in India.  

Black marketing of ps5? 

Since there is intense demand for ps5 right now for many people this will be an opportunity to make more money out of it. Many people may resell these in the black market for a higher price. We advise to you be patient and wait for Sony’s official statement. 


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