How to get Flower Crown Happiny in Pokemon GO

Pokemon wearing Flower Crowns (Image via Niantic)

Happiny is the latest Pokemon in Pokemon GO that will be receiving a coveted Flower Crown variant.

The adorable pink baby Pokemon is certainly not the easiest creature to obtain. But it’s a task that can be easily done on the side while completing other tasks like participating in Mega Lopunny Raids, so why shouldn’t the player try their hand at getting this special event version of Happiny?

How to get Flower Crown Happiny in Pokemon GO

Happiny (Image via Game Freak)
Happiny (Image via Game Freak)

So how is the happy little Pokemon obtained? This particular puffball is only catchable through hatching eggs. Fortunately, 2km eggs are the egg of choice here, letting players rapidly check plenty of eggs for their very own accessorized Happiny.

Between April 4th at 10:00 AM local time and April 8th at 8:00 PM local time, any 2km egg hatched has a chance to bless the player with a Flower Crown Happiny. This perfectly lines up with the Mega Lopunny Raids, which means that players can knock out two birds with one stone by working on their eggs while trouncing the mega-bunny. Between fighting this Easter bunny and hatching these Easter eggs, Pokemon GO is providing the entire Easter experience in this one event.

There is one extra-special part of Flower Crown Happiny though – the Crown will stick with it through its evolutions. The cute floral arrangement can rest atop the heads of Chansey and Blissey as well, bringing even more joy to the forms of two already friendly-looking Pokemon.

Now for some friendly advice. 2km eggs can be picked up easily enough from Pokestops, so stopping by a few on the way to a Mega Raid is never a bad idea. And unlike with the weekly spotlights, it does not appear that the rate at which Happinys will hatch from eggs over other Pokemon has been raised. This means that the player might need to go through a few basketfuls of eggs before getting their crowned friend.

Published 02 Apr 2021, 03:34 IST

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