How to open multiple websites using a shortcut [Windows 10]

How to open multiple websites using a shortcut [Windows 10]

Want to open multiple websites using a shortcut? It’s not just me, many people use multiple tabs on the web browser, and opening them one by one can be a task for some. Why not use a shortcut to open multiple websites in multiple tabs on your web browser? It’s easy, all you need is to create a shortcut on your Windows 10. Here’s how to open multiple websites using a shortcut on your Windows 10 PC or laptop.

How to open multiple websites using a shortcut [Windows 10]

  • Step 1: Launch Notepad from the Start menu or search bar at the bottom of the taskbar. We will use Notepad to type and add the shortcut code for the websites that you want to visit.


  • Step 2: Now just copy the following code and paste it into the Notepad

@echo off







Step 3: Now save the Notepad with a different file extension, click File -> Save As and save it with whatever name and an extension .bat. To change the extension of the file, select All Files under Save as type. For example, if you use the Notepad name Websites.txt, replace the .txt to .bat extension.


The code that you have just pasted in the Notepad has 5 websites in it which include MobiGyaan, Google, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Once you execute the code, the websites will open all at once in different tabs in a single window. Windows 10 will use your default web browser to open the links.

You can edit the code and replace these URLs with the websites you want to visit on your PC using the shortcut. There’s no limit for the links, add as many as you want, make sure you put each link on its own line i.e. press Enter for a new link and not in the same line. Also, make sure to keep the word start and space before each link.

If the websites open in a different web browser like Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer, you will need to change the default web browser on Windows 10. To change the default web browser on your Windows 10 PC, click here for an easy step-by-step method. You can also set the new chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser as the default on your PC.

This way you can open multiple websites using a shortcut on your Windows 10 PC or laptop. There’s more you can do on Windows 10, here are the top Windows 10 tips and tricks to make the most of it. More awesome stuff can be found here – Windows and Mac tutorials and guides.

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