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How to remove apps and games added to Facebook on PC

How to remove apps and games added to Facebook on PC

Have you tried to log into the apps using Facebook? Want to remove apps and games added to Facebook? These apps use your Facebook data anytime when you use the app and may store it, so if you think you have given access to your Facebook data to some apps and games, you can remove it if you are concerned about your privacy. Here’s how.

Facebook login is much easier, instead of creating new accounts on the apps and games, you can easily log in using Facebook and the account is created, you don’t require emails and passwords to be remembered. If you are using your Facebook account to log into third-party apps as well as games, you should revoke the login if you think your shared data is not secured.

How to remove apps and games added to Facebook [PC/Mac]

To remove apps and games added to Facebook, follow these steps on your desktop computer.

  • Step 1: Launch Google Chrome, Safari, or any other browser that you are using on your desktop or laptop.
  • Step 2: Head to Facebook.com and log into your account.
  • Step 3: Now go to Settings on your Facebook by clicking the arrow in the top right corner.


  • Step 4: Select Settings & privacy and then click Settings in the next menu.


  • Step 5: On the left pane, scroll down to find the Apps and Websites settings. Click on it to view all the logins you have done in the apps and games.

Here you will find the apps and websites that are logged in with Facebook. They are either Active or Expired, both of them can access the data, the expired apps probably aren’t used in a while while the active apps are frequently used.


  • Step 6: Click the box next to the apps or games you would like to remove. Click Remove.

You can check the box to delete posts, videos, or events that the app or the game has posted to your Facebook Timeline. Once you have removed the app or game, it should no longer post to your timeline. If you still see a past post, you can remove it manually by scrolling through the Timeline.

Note: The app or game may have stored info from when you were using it, but you can contact the developer to ask that they delete any info they may still have.



This is how you can remove apps and games added to Facebook. So, that was pretty much about it, if you like this guide, do share it with your friends using the provided social media buttons. More such stuff can be found here – Android & iPhone tutorials and guides.

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