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How to set default tab in Task Manager in Windows 10

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Task Manager is yet among the important tools in Windows 10 and no wonder it’s great for killing processes, viewing system usage, or managing users and startup items. But when you are using it more often, you might have a thought in mind that why it always opens in the default Processes tab and not in the other tabs.

The Task Manager can be very useful and handy, but if you find switching tabs being an extra step, you can set default tab in Task Manager and make it always open a specific tab you likely choose. Here’s how you can do that on your Windows 10 PC.

How to set default tab in Task Manager on Windows 10

Launch the Task Manager by pressing the CTRL + ALT + DEL (or CTRL + Shift + Esc) or you may use the taskbar to open it, right-click on the taskbar at the bottom as shown, and select Task Manager from the popup menu. If the Task Manager opens up with the minimal interface, click on More Details at the bottom.

Now, the default tab for the Task Manager is the ‘Processes‘ tab which always opens when you launch the Task Manager once you choose More Details. But this can be changed to any other tab you wish to always open when you launch the Task Manager anytime.

To do that, click on Options in the menu bar, go to the Set default tab, and choose your default tab from the list – Processes, Performance, App history, Startup, Users, Details, or Services.

Once you have selected the tab close the Task Manager. The next time you launch the Task Manager, you will see the default tab you just chose. That’s quite as simple as it sounds, isn’t it?




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