I Am Just Giving Back To Society, Who Has Given Me So Much Says Mika Singh On His Food Drive

I Am Just Giving Back To Society, Who Has Given Me So Much Says Mika Singh On His Food Drive

Mika Singh under his NGO – Divine Touch has kick-started a food drive in Mumbai, it’s high time he gave back to people who has given him so much. 

The whole country is fighting with the second wave of COVID-19 currently. Amid the devastation, singer Mika Singh offers a helping hand to the needy ones. He has started his Langar Seva (food service) in Mumbai, offering free meals to bus drivers, street kids, poor and needy amidst corona-virus pandemic.

Talking about current crisis, Mika Singh said, “Times are bad, in my friend and family circle, there are at least 5 deaths every day due to COVID-19, and whether you’re powerful actor, politician, businessman or a poor person, everyone is affected equally. Only two things are helpful right now, first is prayer and second, Service (Seva), do some social work”

“I have been given so much, more than I deserve and I am just giving back in the time of need. I’ve been running my NGO – Divine Touch, for the last 10 years and we’re feeding 1000 people every day, in Delhi and Gurgaon. We have started in Mumbai from today, and I would like to urge everyone to donate, even if you could make or spare one Roti, it would help someone tremendously”

When asked Entertainment Industry is facing severe backlash for not doing enough for people and just making big claims on social media platforms, Mika said, “I love Bollywood and I respect it, see there are people who are actually doing good work and helping others, but there is a huge brigade of people who just want to wear expensive shoes and watches, to that I say, if God has blessed you with good fortune, please help someone in need as well”

By News Helpline