Home Sports “I don’t even know what a hack is”: OS Aayush issues response to his Free Fire India Championship 2021 ban

“I don’t even know what a hack is”: OS Aayush issues response to his Free Fire India Championship 2021 ban

Free Fire India Championship 2021 spring

Free Fire professional player, “Aayush,” has come out and denied to have cheated, after he was banned during the ongoing Free Fire India Championship 2021.

Aayush, who is the leader of team Old Skool and a veteran Free Fire competitive player, was banned for a period of one year under a competitive ruling, which was put forty through a Facebook post on the Free Fire

The competitive ruling which was put out on 9th February 2021 read:

Free Fire pro Aayush banned

Under the ruling, Aayush’s team, Old Skool, were also disqualified from the Free Fire India Championship 2021 spring.

Denying all the allgeations, Aayush came forward and put forth his statement on the same day and explained his side of the story, both through a YouTube video and via an Instagram story.

Aayush instagram story
Aayush instagram story

He mentioned that he was not guilty and didn’t use any kind of hack or script. He also humbly requested the Garena officials to review his account. He claimed that he had always followed the terms and conditions.

Further dwelling into the issue in a YouTube video, Aayush said that he felt wronged and that he didn’t even know what a script or hack was. He also said that he had recently upgraded his device to an iPhone for a smoother experience after the quarter-finals of the Free Fire India Championship 2021.

He also stated that he had been playing Free Fire for the past two years and competed in almost every official Free Fire tournament in India. He said that that he wasn’t accusing any admin or Garena official, but simply explaining his side of the matter and requesting the officials to release any evidence of his wrongdoing.

Free Fire has been working on strengthening it’s anti-cheat system for quite a while now and are regularly publishing reports and updates on the accounts banned and the types of hacks and cheats used

The ban of Aayush means that he won’t be able to compete in any official tournament till 7th February 2022. It will be intriguing to see how the Garena officials handle the issue going forward.

Published 12 Feb 2021, 00:17 IST

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