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“I had no business being there” – Chris Masters reveals struggles in training for his WWE career [Exclusive]

Chris Masters

Former WWE Superstar Chris Masters has revealed some aspects of his training to become a professional wrestler that did not go to plan.

On the latest episode of Inside SKoop with Dr. Chris Featherstone, The Masterpiece went into detail on the early years of his wrestling journey, including the time he spent at Ultimate Pro Wrestling. This was the same promotion that was frequented by many young up-and-coming pro wrestlers, including a young John Cena.

Here is what Chris Masters had to say on his time in UPW:

“A lot of people came out of UPW… But it was a who’s-who when I first got there around that time… and everybody had a look, is what it came down to. I was only fifteen, maybe sixteen years old at the time. So I had no business even being there. And that’s why I eventually ended up getting injured and I took a couple of years off to mature and focus on my conditioning and all that stuff.”

It’s clear that Chris Masters would shake off these early issues as he would go on to have a very successful career in WWE and the industry as a whole.

Chris Masters was inspired by other stars who visited UPW

During his time in training to become a pro wrestler, Chris Masters says he was always excited to see recognizable names stop by to offer some real-life experience. One such name that Chris Masters mentioned was that of Rob Van Dam. The ECW icon would enjoy a stellar career and would capture the WWE Championship at ECW: One Night Stand 2006.

“It was like a who’s-who man. Sylvester Terkay, Lisa Marie I think came out of there. Just so many… RVD popped in. I remember that pretty vividly because it’s awesome, especially when you’re new to the business, to see a guy like that.”

You can watch the full clip between Dr. Chris Featherstone and Chris Masters here:

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Published 17 Feb 2021, 00:35 IST

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