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I have learnt from Nawaz bhai that kuch actors ko toh choosy hona chahiye: Shweta Tripathi

Shweta Tripathi Sharma hopes stories on OTT inspire people to become better humans and a better society.

Shweta Tripathi Sharma believes it is not only a great time to be a part of the entertainment industry but also for entertainment and audiences. She is thrilled with the competition on the OTT space where one has options and content to choose from all over the world.

“One can watch Mirzapur, Narcos, House Of Cards or Korean dramas. Healthy competition is always good as for every project I do, I want to raise the bar. The audience is quite intelligent and with more options now, they are more selective than ever. I hope OTT doesn’t lose its voice. Art and entertainment mirrors what happens in society. It is all about demand and supply. If there is some kind of content that they want to see, it will be created and if it is popular, then it will be consumed,” she opines.


The Gone Game actor agrees that there might be herd mentality and some creators might be trying to cash in on the current trends on the platform but adds that it is prevalent everywhere and what makes you different is what you want to do. “I have learnt from Nawaz bhai (actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui) that kuch actors ko toh choosy hona chahiye. I love my job and it makes me happier to be on the set, and I am dying to talk about the new series I am working on, but can’t just yet. So if the content offered to me doesn’t excite me, then I am fine with sitting at home, frustrated, crying about not getting the kind of work I want. I want to surprise my audience with every project,” she shares, adding the response to two characters she played Golu from Mirzapur and Dr Shreya Patahare from Laakhon Mein Ek season 2 were heartening.

With OTT having opened a new chapter for audiences, she is glad that today, characters are not dry cleaned. “They all have their flaws, which is normal. The idea of perfect, which has been sold to us for years, is not real. I hope as an audience we support and appreciate good content because audience is king. Agar good, great brilliant content dekha jaayega toh waise content banega,” she concludes.

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