Home Sports “I just wanted to back in and exchange wrestling holds” – Edge on the “Greatest Wrestling Match Ever” at WWE Backlash

“I just wanted to back in and exchange wrestling holds” – Edge on the “Greatest Wrestling Match Ever” at WWE Backlash

Edge faced Randy Orton at WWE BackLash last year

Edge returned to WWE last year, and he quickly clashed with Randy Orton. The two rivals faced off in a chaotic Last Man Standing Match at WrestleMania 36, and they met again at WWE Backlash. In a recent interview, Edge explained how he was quite excited for this second encounter because he wanted to wrestle.

Edge is already a WWE Hall of Famer, and Randy Orton will receive the same honor sooner rather than later. Before their heated rivalry, Edge and Orton once teamed together as Rated-RKO. This pairing was a union of two top stars, as Edge and Orton have both reigned as the world champion several times throughout their careers.

In an interview with ViBe and Wrestling, Edge described his mindset going into his match with Orton at WWE Backlash and his overall experience in the bout. It unfortunately ended with Edge suffering a triceps injury that put him on the shelf for a few months.

“Then we get to Backlash, and I am super excited about that. Just to get in and wrestle. That’s all I wanted to do. I just wanted to back in and exchange wrestling holds and do it with one the best that has ever done it. Didn’t want to get injured, but that’s what happened.”

Edge elaborated he pushed himself to the limit during that match to make it an even better bout. WWE hailed the contest as “The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever,” and both Orton and Edge did their best to live up to the hype.

Edge was sidelined from WWE for seven months due to the injury he suffered at Backlash


Edge tore his triceps in “The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever” after the nearly 45-minute long bout. As a result, Edge was out of action for over seven months, so his incredible comeback was put on hold.

Edge stated that when he recovered, he would seek revenge on Orton. Edge eventually made his return at the WWE Royal Rumble last Sunday, and he won the battle royal.

Edge indeed resumed his feud with Orton, as they fought throughout the Royal Rumble Match. They were even the final two wrestlers left in the ring at the end of the bout. The next night on WWE RAW, Orton and Edge put an end to their rivalry once and for all in a singles match. Edge emerged victorious, so it seems like he can focus on WrestleMania 37 now.

Published 07 Feb 2021, 06:35 IST

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