"I would urge Vidya Balan to get back in shape", Sherlyn

Sherlyn Chopra knows how to be in the limelight! The actress is known to wear her heart on her sleeves and is famous for her bold avatar. On the occasion of International Day Of Yoga  yesterday, She spoke to News Helpline about the importance of Yoga in her life and how it has transformed her into a different person.

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Speaking about how Yoga came into her life, she said, “I became a yoga enthusiast some years back. During that time, there were no apps or videos available for Yoga, so I learnt it myself through trial and error method. I became my own teacher. Today, the youth is learning Yoga through these apps and videos which is a good thing. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji has made Yoga famous all over the world today.


She further spoke,” Yoga takes a person away from stress and gives him determination. I used to be a chain smoker and alcoholic. During that time,fitness was a trend for me. But today, fitness has become a lifestyle for me. I try to keep myself away from smoking, drugs and alcohol and live a simple life. Yoga has taught me that simplicity is a powerful weapon to lead your life.”


When asked which actor and actress she would want to teach yoga, she said, “I have always been a big fan of Kangana Ranaut and Vidya Balan. Kangana keeps herself very fit. But recently when I was watching the movie ‘Sherni’ I found Vidya Balan out of shape. I would urge Vidya Balan to practice Yoga and get back into shape. “


Speaking of actors, she said, “There are so many actors in our industry who take drugs and go to the gym. I would urge them to not mislead the youth of the country. The youth of the country follows them . Therefore, they should set a good example. They should boycott drugs and promote a healthy lifestyle. I would like to teach yoga to Nawazuddin Siddiqui. He doesn’t seem fit to me. If today we both have a boxing match, I would surely knock him down.”


Many actors face depression in bollywood and choose the path of suicide. What message would she like to give the youngsters on this, “I myself have experienced in personal life that when you are stressed, life seems to be meaningless. Yoga is the answer to all your problems. Yoga teaches us to live in the present and make your present better. It helps us to forget all the stress, negativity around us. It helps us to face failure and rejection in life gracefully .”


After Sushant, Kartik Aaryan is facing a lot of backlash from the producers in the industry, what would she like to tell him, “I would like to tell Kartik, he is an eagle and eagle always flies solo. He does not need any god father in the industry because he is talented. Nepo kids need God Fathers. He should not take anything to heart,”

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