IAS interview questions: Use these tips to score high marks in UPSC 2021

IAS aspirant

Before getting selected in the civil service, it is necessary to pass the Indian Administrative Service (IAS)  Interview. The questions asked in the interview are always tricky. Candidates who have reached the threshold of interview after facing the uphill task of clearing UPSC prelims and mains can be asked anything. Therefore, students should prepare well for the interview.

There are no shortcuts to pass the civil services interview. 

After the preliminary examination of UPSC, the candidates start preparing for the mains. Only after successfully clearing the mains exams, an opportunity for an interview arises. Therefore, after putting so much effort, students should not go to the interview underprepared. 

In addition to the general knowledge of the participant in the Civil Services Exam 2020 (Personality Test), tricky questions are asked to test the IQ of the candidate. 

DNA will help you with the answers to some tricky questions, and general knowledge questions commonly asked by interviewers:

Question 1: How can you write 23 using only 2?

Answer: 22 + 2/2

Question 2: A farmer has some chickens and goats. If everyone has 90 heads and 224 legs, then what will be the number of goats?

Answer: There will be 22 goats.

Question 3: What is the name of the temple which disappears twice a day?

Answer: Stambheshwar Mahadev temple

Question 4: Which shopkeeper takes your goods as well as your money?

Answer: Barber.

Question 5: Name the item of gold which is not found in the goldsmith’s shop?

Answer: Cots. Cots are for sleeping but are not found in the goldsmith shop.

Question 6: How would you leave a raw egg on a solid surface so that it does not crack?

Answer: The solid surface will not break due to the egg falling.

Question 7: A woman has 9 children, half of whom are boys, so tell me how can this happen?

Answer: 1 woman and 9 children are 10 people in total. Half of them are 5 boys and 5 are girls.

Question 8: Which state of India has the longest girls?

Answer: A candidate responded to this. People think that the girls of Punjab are much longer. In research, the girls of Jammu and Kashmir were found to be the longest. Senior officials present there were also surprised by this answer.

Question 9: Which animal’s milk is pink in color?

Answer: The milk color of the hippopotamus would be pink. 

Here are certain other things that a candidate must focus on

  • Whenever you go for an interview, pay close attention to your body language.
  • Eye contact with the interviewer is a must.
  • Your clothes should be tidy, and well pressed 

DNA wishes all the candidates for the IAS interview the best of luck. 

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