If You Need an AC Unit, The Windmill Is the One to Get

If You Need an AC Unit, The Windmill Is the One to Get

Scouting Report: This sleek looking AC unit cools down a room in no time, and when you’re not using it, disappears into the background.

I don’t have central AC in my apartment which I’ve always thought was a bummer. I’m someone who gets really hot, really quickly. As in, the second it hits 70 degrees, the AC goes on for the rest of the season. My dingy old window unit used to be a nightmare—not only did it have no remote and only three different temperature settings—hi, med, and lo, but it also was extraordinarily loud. Last summer, I got the chance to try out the Windmill, a relatively new AC Unit company, and I feel the need to tell everyone who needs an AC Unit that this is the one you should get.

Windmill Air

For starters, the Windmill is incredibly sleek looking. It looks like it’s part of my decor and not an eyesore unit jutting out from the window like my old one. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface—a few sleek buttons up top and an LED display that fades after 10 seconds so you’re not looking at numbers all day. There are three settings—Cool, Fan, and Eco, and you can choose between three different speeds, going from 1 to 3. Funnily enough, I just keep it on 1 all day and my room is crisp and cool—always the exact temp I set it to. You can also connect to it via WiFi and your phone, so you can set schedules for when it should go on, control temperature, and change modes. I love this because if I leave and think I forgot to turn off my AC, I can just turn it off from my phone, no problem.

Beyond being beautiful and easy to use, the machine is powerful. It boasts dual-filtration and double insulation resulting in cleaner, healthier air. It is not an air purifier, but it’s pretty damn close. The filter is easy to wash (just run it under cold water every month or so), and it alerts you, too, so the air is always as fresh as can be. Another thing I love is that the Windmill doesn’t blow air directly at you (although it can with its fan setting). Instead, when it’s on “cool” it directs air upwards, to actually maximize cold air distribution throughout my space.

I’ve had the Windmill for almost a year now, and it’s stayed up year long thanks to its weatherproofing and beautiful design. It’s the best: it’s an AC unit for when I need it, and when I don’t it disappears seamlessly into my living room. I never thought I’d say that I was in love with my AC unit, but after all, I never thought anyone would create an AC unit quite as great as this one.

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