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Imran Khan’s estranged wife Avantika Malik’s cryptic post about ‘valued personal relationships’ going silent: ‘Anger isn’t the end of the story’

Neither Imran Khan nor Avantika Malik has spoken openly about their relationship.

Former actor Imran Khan’s estranged wife, Avantika Malik, has shared a cryptic post on social media, about the importance of not shutting doors on relationships, based on assumptions and anger. News of problems in Imran and Avantika’s marriage first came to light last year.

Reposting a message on her Instagram Stories, Avantika wrote, “note to self.” The message spoke about the virtues of not letting anger end relationships, because ‘valued connections are hard to come by in this crazy world’.

“When valued personal relationships go silent, trouble often follows,” the message read. “I’m not talking about productive ‘time-outs’ that are clearly expressed. I’m talking about silence than is reactive, or an attempt to do harm. This kind of silence ensures that the connection will not find its was back to health. Because silence fosters confusion, projections, and worst of all — assumptions about what the other is feeling or thinking. And assumption doesn’t get us anywhere good. Inquiry does.”

The message continued, “Assumptions ensure that the wall will only get thicker, until there is no way to reconnect. Whatever you do, even if you are justifiably angry, try to keep the door to inquiry open. You may not be ready to process the experience, but allow for the possibility that you one day will. Because valued connections are hard to find in this crazy world. Anger doesn’t have to be the end of the story. Sometimes the portal to a closer connection. Sometimes, it’s the way through to great learning. Inquiry is the bridge.”

While neither Imran nor Avantika has spoken openly about their relationship, Avantika has consistently given a peek into her mind through her periodic Instagram posts. In November, she shared a post about discovering one’s self-worth and not allowing yourself to be defined by another person’s ‘inability to love you’. In October, she dropped a ‘truth bomb’ about marriage and divorce.

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Imran, meanwhile, was spotted publicly after a long time recently. His appearance came days after his close friend, Akshay Oberoi claimed in an interview that Imran had quit acting.

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