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Increase streams to your podcast with this SEO optimized website builder

Increase streams to your podcast with this SEO optimized website builder

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TLDR: The Podsite Podcast Website Builder builds an entire website around your podcast and even keeps everything automatically updated.

So, you’ve decided to follow the Joe Rogan-Marc Maron path and become a podcast tycoon. Great! Welcome aboard. So once you’ve recorded the whole thing, edited it, then posted it to your podcast feed on iTunes or Spotify, you’re all done, right?

Not exactly. Just like everything else on the web, a podcast needs a dedicated website. There needs to be a place to showcase your work and even sell the importance of your efforts to listeners, potential guests and sponsors, not to mention the rest of the world at large.

Unfortunately, most websites aren’t really built to showcase audio or episodic podcasts like that. Instead of spending all your time fighting with a website that you should be spending creating another scintillating podcast episode, the Podsite Podcast Website Builder ($85, 88 percent off, with promo code “VDAY2021” from TNW Deals) can do most of the heavy lifting for you.

It really doesn’t get much more turnkey than Podsite. All you have to do is paste in the link to your podcast’s RSS feed and answer a few quick questions.

From there, Podsite’s artificial intelligence-fueled bots craft a gorgeous new website for your podcast instantly. This isn’t even the usual drag-and-drop process either. Podsite literally builds everything for you from scratch. But if you do want to make changes, there is a drag-and-drop style editor with its own stock photo library to help make customizing the site simple and easy.

If you think all you have to do next is just upload your new podcast episode to the site every week, you’re wrong. With that RSS feed, Podsite handles it, automatically creating an SEO-optimized episode page as well as social media links to go share your latest work. The smart links even auto-open the installed podcast app native to each listener’s iOS or Android device.

Not only is your website always automatically up to date, but you’ve also got a full archive of all your work with automatic keywords to get you traction in Google searches. 

Meanwhile, Podsite also offers users a whole heap of marketing tools to help further get out the word about your pod. There’s an email list signup so you can always notify your listeners when a new episode drops or you have new exclusive content to share. There’s a contact form so you can field listener feedback. And there are even sponsorship features so you might attract a big company to start underwriting your work so you can start making serious Joe Rogan money.

A lifetime with your Podsite Podcast Website Builder would normally cost about $899, but right now, you can launch your new podcasting career for just $85 with promo code: VDAY2021. 

Prices are subject to change.

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