Home Sports India vs Australia 3rd Test Day 4: With Rohit Sharma gone, India in deep trouble; Can Pujara, Rahane save SCG Test on Day 5? Need 309 runs to win

India vs Australia 3rd Test Day 4: With Rohit Sharma gone, India in deep trouble; Can Pujara, Rahane save SCG Test on Day 5? Need 309 runs to win

India vs Australia 3rd Test Day 4: With Rohit Sharma gone, India in deep trouble; Can Pujara, Rahane save SCG Test on Day 5? Need 309 runs to win

Ind vs Aus LIVE Score, India vs Australia 3rd Test, Day 4: Tea: A session dominated by Australia. They have batted India out of the game and it is only a matter of time before the declaration comes. Smith came out attacking but Ashwin sent him before he could get to his second hundred of the game. Paine came in and was dropped at slip by Rohit which prompted him to be more positive. Green too got going in the company of his skipper and reached his maiden Test fifty. The youngster even stepped on the gas after reaching the landmark and was eyeing a hundred before he played one shot too many off Bumrah. India looked to pick wickets and contain the run-flow until that Paine drop catch but after that, the shoulders started to drop and the wait for declaration started. How much longer will Australia? Is four sessions enough to bowl out India?

Ind vs Aus 3rd Test, Day 4 LIVE:

12:30: 28th over: India 86-1 (Rohit 46, Pujara 8)

We are not too far away from stumps now as Pujara, who comes up with nothing in the first four balls against Lyon, takes a quick triple through mid-wicket.

12:18: WICKET!!! Cummins to Rohit, out Caught by Starc!!

Gone! For the umpteenth time in his Test career, Rohit has thrown away yet another start. He’s perished playing one of his pet shots, although a high-risk one. Not a great ball by any means.

12:11: 24th over: India 71-1 (Rohit 39, Pujara 0)

Lyon bowls a maiden to a defensive Rohit. He is keeping India’s run-rate in check.

11:54: This is had happened earlier.

Ind vs Aus 3rd Test Racism row: Mohammed Siraj racially abused once again, police throws 6 fans out of SCG; Check video

11:43: WIKCET!!! Hazlewood to Shubman Gill, out Caught by Paine!!

Edged and gone? Paul Wilson raises his finger after taking his time. Gill is the man in question and he’s reviewed it. There’s a mark on HotSpot! The onfield call stays and India lose a review.

11:40: 18th over: India 47-0 (Rohit 22, Gill 24)

India’s top order are keeping their composure, Rohit defending forward and Gill stealing a single after finding himself lucky to get the slightest of an inside edge of his pad on an otherwise plumb delivery.

11:27: 16th over: India 42-0 (Rohit 18, Gill 23)

India are quite literally taking it ball by ball. If they can make it to the end of today’s play without losing a wicket there could yet be hope for the tourists. The backs-against-the-wall approach has worked before. Australia wouldn’t feel even a hint pressure as yet, but this is a psychological game is cricket.

11:15: 13th over: India 39-0 (Rohit 17, Gill 22)

Cummins is making his inquiries at off stump and is bouncing his way down to Gill, who is biding his time. And hey, it pays off as Gill channels one to the fine-leg boundary for a four.

11:06: 12th over: India 31-0 (Rohit 17, Gill 14)

Gill takes one run off Lyon’s opening over, hanging back in his crease and then flicking it through square leg.

10:50: 8th over: India 25-0 (Rohit 14, Gill 11)

Drama! Rohit is given out lbw nutball tracking has it sailing well high. He is adjudged not out and tries it on again with a pull shot for a single.

10:30: 6th over: India 19-0 (Rohit 13, Gill 6)

Hazlewood bowls a near-maiden as Gill makes a single run. A reminder that we won’t be seeing either Pant ot Jadeja this innings after the pair sustained an elbvow injury and dislocated left thumb respectively. Yesterday truly was a horrid day for the tourists.


Here is the full statement just in from Cricket Australia:

Cricket Australia has reaffirmed its zero-tolerance policy towards discriminatory behaviour in all forms following the alleged racial abuse of members of the Indian cricket squad by a section of the crowd at the Sydney Cricket Ground on Saturday.

Sean Carroll, Cricket Australia’s Head of Integrity and Security, said anyone who sought to vilify and/or harass had no place in Australian cricket.

“Cricket Australia condemns in the strongest terms possible all discriminatory behaviour,” Carroll said. “If you engage in racist abuse, you are not welcome in Australian cricket.

“CA is awaiting the outcome of the International Cricket Council’s investigation into the matter reported at the SCG on Saturday. Once those responsible are identified, CA will take the strongest measures possible under our Anti-Harassment Code, including lengthy bans, further sanctions and referral to NSW Police.

“As series hosts, we unreservedly apologise to our friends in the Indian cricket team and assure them we will prosecute the matter to its fullest extent.”

Kerrie Mather, Venues NSW’s Chief Executive, said CCTV footage was being reviewed to assist the ICC investigation.

“At the SCG, we pride ourselves on welcoming anyone and everyone in a safe and inclusive environment,” Mather said.

“We are taking this extremely seriously. If those involved are identified, they will be banned from the SCG and all Venues NSW properties under our Act.”

10:17: 1st over: India 4-0 (Rohit 3, Gill 1)

10:00: Australia have declared. The target for India is 407 but they will not be looking at that. Their main concern will be the time and the number of overs left. There are four sessions left and we can get approximately 138 overs in. 

9:33: Racial Abuse one again

There seems to be an issue. Siraj has come over and along with skipper Rahane they are having a word with umpire Paul Reiffel. India had complained about racial abuse at the end of play yesterday. Looks like there have been some words said to Siraj who went back to field near the boundary rope. Both the umpires are having a word now. Siraj also pointed out from where the words were said. The police are also getting involved. The police are asking a group of men to leave the stand. Even a couple are being asked to move. Umpires are ready to get on with the play..

9:10: Maiden Test fifty for Cameron Green. 83rd over: Australia 282-5 ( Green 58, Paine 35)

Cameron Green brought up his fifty in Bumrah’s over. But it is in Siraj’s over, where he has tried taking an aggressive approach. A massive six was enough for him to give confidence.

8:42: 78th over: Australia 252-5 (Green 38, Paine 29) Green backs away to Ashwin and tries to really pogo him, instead getting a bottom edge past leg stump for one. Ashwin gets one to keep very low to Paine, who keeps it out. Then tries a reverse sweep but straight to point. But after a couple of blocks he goes the reverse again, and nails this one for four through point.

8:22: 75th over: Australia 237-5 (Green 35, Paine 17) There’s a new ball due in six overs, and maybe India is waiting eagerly for it. Bumrah creates another chance, but Rohit Sharma fails to take the catch in first slip. Paine then hits two consecutive boundaries.

8:12: 70th over: Australia 210-5 (Green 23, Paine 2) Right then. Ashwin resets, now focus on new right-hander. Pitch outside off and the ball turns in. Paine watches and plays everything to leg.

8:00: WICKET!!! Ashwin to Smith, out Lbw!!

Loud shout for lbw, struck down and India have sent it upstairs. Smith is the batsman. 83.5kph, lovely in-drifter, Smith looked to push it towards cover and got beaten on the inside edge. No bat, confirmed by UltraEdge and HotSpot. Over to ball-tracking and it’s three reds.

Scoring a century & half-century in a Test most times
9 J Kallis
8 A Cook
7 A Border/ S Tendulkar/ R Ponting/ K Sangakkara/ V Kohli

7:59: 67th over: Australia 206-4 (Smith 80, Green 22) Suddenly the game has become easy for Smith. The bowlers haven’t showed up after lunch. Another help-yourself way down leg from Siraj and it’s glanced for four. A few singles as well, the score passes 200 and the lead passes 300 in that over.

7:49: 65th over: Australia 194-4 (Smith 69, Green 21) Siraj resumes after lunch. Green pushes a single to cover, bringing Smith on strike. And Smith’s first ball after the break he hooks for six! Whoosh. Has a big swing at a ball down the leg side, top edge, clears the fine leg rope. Next ball, glanced for four. Leg side again, no good. Big over to start, a dozen from it.

Lunch – Australia 181 for 4, leading by 276 in the third innings

They’re in a commanding position, the Aussies. They can throw the bat after lunch or just grind on to a lead over 300. Either way, they’ll probably be declaring around tea time or a bit afterwards. India are missing two players with injury remember, with both Pant and Jadeja not fielding at the moment and an unknown quantity with the bat once the fourth innings comes.

Smith has been pretty cautious and gradual today, adding 29 runs to his score in the session. Green has looked very good thus far. We’ll carry on in half an hour.

64th over: Australia 181-4 (Smith 58, Green 20) Ashwin with the last over before lunch. Smith chops a run away to point. Green circles like a caged animal after each delivery, thinking and breathing and preparing. Short leg, leg slip, slip, short midwicket, but he shovels the last ball behind square for one more run. He’ll have the strike after lunch, and the lead is 276.

7:00: 62nd over: Australia 176-4 (Smith 57, Green 15) Ashwin losing his line outside leg stump again, Smith scrabbling a single behind square. Green flicks another. No rush. Six minutes till stumps.

6:51: This is what Smith’s fifty means

Scoring 50+ in both innings of a Test most times:
15 R Ponting
14 J Kallis/ A Cook
13 A Border
12 K Sangakkara
11 Inzamam-ul-Haq/ S Chanderpaul/ S SMITH

6:50: 60th over: Australia 174-4 (Smith 56, Green 14) Ashwin flicks out the carrom like he’s rudely disposing of a cigarette, but he’s astray with his line and it goes down the leg side. Smith sweeps it away for one run. Green forces a run through point. Smith whips two runs through square leg – there’s a third umpire replay to see if Green got home with Ashwin whipping the bowler’s bails off, as Ashwin loves to do at any time, but Green is home despite not sliding the bat. Leg side again, and Smith plays the stand-up paddle sweep a la Sachin Tendulkar but can’t beat the fielder behind square.

6:14: 53rd over: Australia 162-4 (Smith 49, Green 9) Saini to continue and he nearly has Smith caught at leg gully. Again! So many times for Smith. Same shot, flicks it away, airborne, and it dips on Gill late and bounces in front, but he wasn’t very fast to try moving forward. Might have got under it if he’d been anticipating it, but perhaps that’s unrealistic given the time he had. Smith plays the same shot next ball for a single. Green faces out a few, then the last ball of the over he strides forward and drives through extra cover for four. That had authority.

5:59: WICKET!!! Navdeep Saini to

6:35: 57th over: Australia 166-4 (Smith 51, Green 11) Mohammed Siraj back into action, the top-knot flying in the breeze. To Green he’s bowling straight and sometimes short. Green misses a pull shot to a ball that wasn’t short enough. Half an hour until lunch, now. Green just wants to bat through

6:00:Wade, out Caught by (sub)W Saha!! 

Edged and taken! That’s Saini’s second wicket of the day and isn’t he delighted! Keeps it short outside off and the ball shapes away to an extent as Wade hangs back to defend it. A regulation nick is induced as the keeper completes a really easy catch.

5:54: 48th over: Australia 143-3 (Smith 39, Wade 4) Smith takes a single first ball, and Ashwin immediately comes around the wicket to the left-handed Wade, giving the ball lots of loop outside his off stump. Pitching on a nice length, turning the ball away from the bat by a distance. This will be the challenge for Wade: which ball turns, which ball comes on straight to hit his pad.

5:47: Drinks: India managed to break the Labuschagne-Smith association but Australia have stretched the lead to 237. There was a good chance of putting more pressure but Vihari dropping a catch off the second ball of the day did not help.

5:39: WICKET!! Navdeep Saini to Labuschagne, out Caught by (sub)W Saha!!

No hundred for Labuschagne. He misses out for the second time in the game. Saini breaks the 103-run partnership. Looks like this is the only way this pair will be separate – allow them to add a 100-run stand and then wait for them to make a mistake.

Australia lead by 236 runs

5:35: 44th over: Australia 128-2 (Labuschagne 65, Smith 36) Against Ashwin, Labuschagne is happy to play the sweep shot and gets off strike. Smith is playing upright instead, stepping back onto his stumps and turning the ball to square leg. Basically playing it off the pitch. Looks comfortable enough despite the short leg fielder standing by.

5:21: 41st over: Australia 126-2 (Labuschagne 63, Smith 36) Siraj pitches up a few to Smith before going short. The right-handed plays a smart pull shot to off side down to fine leg for a run.

5:11: 38th over: Australia 117-2 (Labuschagne 57, Smith 33) Ashwin has the ball now. The off-spinner bowls just outside off stump, aiming at the pads. Smith pushes is away for a single run. Last ball of the over, a true outside edge from Labuschagne that gets him two runs.

5:01: 36th over: Australia 109-2 (Labuschagne 51, Smith 31) Bumrah keeps working away at the off stump of Labuschagne. A slip and a gully waiting. All defence. Another maiden. Ashwin is going to have to do a lot of work today, with Jadeja out.

4:56: FIFTY for Labuschagne

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