Home Sports India vs Australia LIVE 3rd Test Day 5: Pant, Pujara counterattack, can India pull off a miracle?

India vs Australia LIVE 3rd Test Day 5: Pant, Pujara counterattack, can India pull off a miracle?

India vs Australia LIVE 3rd Test Day 5: Pant, Pujara counterattack, can India pull off a miracle?

Ind vs Aus LIVE Score, India vs Australia 3rd Test, Day 5: The 104-run stand between Rishabh Pant and Cheteshwar Pujara has kept India alive in the contest. The final day did not start well as Ajinkya Rahane departed in the second over but that is all Australia could manage in the 35 overs. Pant was promoted ahead of Hanuma Vihari to take on Nathan Lyon and it was a fascinating battle between the duo.

The off-spinnier should have had him a couple of times with Paine dropping two catches but the keeper-batsman took his chances and got a few boundaries away as well.

Pujara, meanwhile, has done what he does best — defend. However, he has shown some intent too. India’s chances of winning lie with how long the duo stays in the middle.

Australia tried almost every bowler in the session but just were not able to break this stand. How long can Pant keep going like this? What impact will the second new ball have?

Ind vs Aus 3rd Test, Day 5 LIVE:

7:11: Lunch – India 206 for 3, with 62 overs left and 201 to win

6:54: 68th over: India 202-3 (Pujara 37, Pant 73)

Rishabh Pant is on a rampage. If he gets going and does not throw away his wicket India have a fair chance of winning.

6:43: 64th over: India 192-3 (Pujara 32, Pant 68) Lyon to Pujara, who is looking to score once or twice but can’t beat the field with his nudges.

6:36: 62nd over: India 179-3 (Pujara 29, Pant 59) Pant pushes an early run to point from Lyon. Australia having to go some Plans B & C now.

6:18: 59th over: India 174-3 (Pujara 27, Pant 56)

Impressed with Pant’s consistent 25+ scores. For the next test at Gabba, I would play him purely as a batsman. Has a knack of putting pressure on bowlers & help the run rate move up quickly.

6:13: Fifty! Pant 50 from 64 balls

57th over: India 168-3 (Pujara 27, Pant 50) Lyon to Pant, who comes down the track and drives six over cover! Absolutely nailed that one, right out of the middle after getting right to the pitch, first ball of the over. Goodness me!

6:10: 56th over: India 155-3 (Pujara 27, Pant 37) Little milestones for India, they’ve batted through an hour and a half this morning and only lost one wicket. Their reward is to face Mitchell Starc. He starts off down the leg side, as is his style to start with, which usually means a perfect yorker isn’t far away. Not this time though: five balls that are all either leg stump or outside, then one that’s too wide outside off.

5:47: 52nd over: India 144-3 (Pujara 26, Pant 28) This is interesting, Labuschagne is getting a bowl. His part-time leg breaks. Paine perhaps hoping to tempt Pant into even more indiscretions. They’ve got enough in the bank to buy him out.

5:29: 47th over: India 116-3 (Pujara 22, Pant 5) Hazlewood to Pujara, the Indian batsman does what he does best, defend. Just like a wall. Has to play every ball of the over bar the bouncer.

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