Instagram now lets you create reaction Reels, just like TikTok Duets

Instagram now lets you create reaction Reels, just like TikTok Duets

Instagram has done it again. It has copied another popular TikTok feature called Duets and renamed it ‘Remix.’

If you don’t know what Duets (or Remix) is,  lets you make your own Reel right next to someone else’s Reel. With this, you can react to a new viral dance trend or plan a collab with a friend that makes it look like a planned cinematic creation.

Using it is pretty simple: Tap on the three-dot menu on any existing Reel, select the “Remix this Reel” option, and start recording your own clip. These Remixed Reels will appear in the Reels Tab. Plus, you’ll be able to see who Remixed your own Reels through the Activity tab.

The feature is already rolling out to all Instagram apps, and it’ll be enabled on all Reels posted through public accounts.

The good thing about this feature import is that creators in countries like India, where TikTok is not available, will be able to create collaborative short videos easily.

The Facebook-owned social network isn’t the only one copying TikTok though. Last week, TechCrunch reported that Snapchat is also working on a Duets-like feature — also called Remix. It might have to rethink the name now.

Instagram is trying to take on TikTok’s popularity with new features and apps. Last month, it launched its 2MB Lite app in 170 countries, and said that support for Reels is coming soon.

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Published April 1, 2021 — 05:49 UTC

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