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ISIS using ‘Discord’, ‘Rocket Chat’ messenger, security agencies alert govt

Indian security agencies warn against ISIS

While the world is engaged in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, the terrorists are taking advantage of this distraction for conspiring terrorist attacks and strengthening their organisation.

According to a report by the Indian security agencies, the terrorist group ISIS is trying to radicalise the Indian youth online and recruit them in their organisation. These plans are being carried out so that there can be a big attack in India.

According to the exclusive information received by Zee Media, ISIS is using ‘Rocket Chat Messenger’ app and gaming app ‘Discord’ for its conspiracy. It is also using these mobile applications to avoid the security agencies.

In the last few months, the investigative agencies around the world have increased their security measures against ISIS. As a result of that, social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have also started monitoring the online activities of ISIS.

To protect themselves from the eyes of security agencies, ISIS has started using ‘Rocket Chat Messenger’ app and gaming app ‘Discord’.

According to a report in The National News, ISIS supporters used social media platform ‘Rocket Chat’ to celebrate after the terrorist attack in Nice in France. As per a report by the Counter Extremism Project (CEP), some vivid photos of people killed in the attack were also shared on the Rocket Chat’s media pages.

The Indian intelligence agencies have gathered information of about 25 such accounts on social media, through which ISIS supporters have used the Rocket Chat Messenger app to message each other.

Along with using the Rocket Chat messenger app, ISIS is also using the gaming app ‘Discord’. It is spreading its propaganda in many countries including India through these apps.

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