Jeopardy! Fans Stunned When Contestants Fail to Recognize Dave Chappelle

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With multiple Grammy and Emmy Awards and a hit TV show under his belt, Dave Chappelle is regarded as one of the most recognizable comedians — but not to Jeopardy! contestants.

Chappelle, 47, was featured in a question during a Double Jeopardy round on Thursday’s episode of the popular game show, which was led by interim host Ken Jennings.

“This comedian displayed his drama chops in A Star is Born, playing Bradley Cooper’s longtime friend,” Jennings read as a photo of Chappelle appeared on screen.

The prompt was met by silence and eventually the buzzer, as no one was able to answer with the comedian’s name. Though Chappelle hasn’t said anything about the blunder, fans of the show expressed their shock on Twitter.

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“No one recognized Dave Chappelle during Jeopardy? What is, ‘who are these people?’,” one wrote, while another added, “How did nobody know that was the GREAT Dave Chappelle?!”

“Watching Jeopardy last night and screaming at my TV ‘Who is Dave Chappelle, Who is Dave Chappelle???’ How can they not know who he is? Put down the book and watch some Netflix or Comedy Central. Live a little people!” a fan wrote, referring to Chappelle’s Netflix specials and his Comedy Central hit, Chappelle’s Show.

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Another Twitter user expressed surprise that the contestants not only didn’t recognize Chappelle, but also hadn’t seen A Star Is Born.

“I think it’s less about not knowing Dave Chappelle and more about the fact that those contestants didn’t see ‘A Star Is Born’. #Jeopardy” the fan joked.

Jennings is the first of several guest hosts who are taking over the Jeopardy! podium following the death of longtime host Alex Trebek in November.

Following his stint, Katie Couric, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, actress Mayim Bialik and journalist Bill Whitaker will all try their hands at the job.

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