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Jimmy Fallon’s Fake Trump Tweet Is Sadly Too Good To Be True

Jimmy Fallon's Fake Trump Tweet Is Sadly Too Good To Be True

Maybe the unusual lack of all caps and typos should’ve tipped us off?

During the monologue on Tuesday’s “Tonight Show,” Jimmy Fallon made a somewhat startling announcement, saying, “Now that Senate Republicans have recognized Biden’s win, Trump finally seems like he’s ready to move on.”

Considering President Donald Trump has vehemently denied that Joe Biden beat him in November’s election and unrelentingly called the vote “rigged,” Fallon’s news flash was objectively shocking. 

Fallon also said the president had tweeted, “The Electoral College has voted, and I accept their results.”

So is our long national nightmare over? Is Trump truly and finally just accepting the Biden won?

What Jimmy Fallon said Trump tweeted.

What Jimmy Fallon said Trump tweeted.

“Just kidding,” Fallon said, getting enthusiastic applause and laughs from The Roots and audience members clearly buying the fake tweet.

Fallon even laughed a bit himself reading what Trump really tweeted, which was about “tremendous evidence pouring in on voter fraud,” as per usual.

What Trump actually tweeted.

What Trump actually tweeted.

“At this point, the only tremendous evidence is just him tweeting that there’s tremendous evidence,” Fallon said. “He doesn’t seem to realize that a tweet from ‘LiberalTearsDrinker9000’ is not ‘tremendous evidence.’” 

Sorry, Mr. President. Maybe those voter fraud tweets from @catturd2, an account Trump actually retweeted recently, should paw-ssibly be forgotten too.

See the “Tonight Show” segment above at the 2:18 mark.

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