Jordyn Woods Shares A Funny Video Featuring Her Mother And Sister And Fans Are Praising The Gorgeous Ladies

Jordyn Woods Shares A funny Video Featuring Her Mother And Sister And Fans Are Praising The Gorgeous Ladies

Jordyn Woods shared a video on her social media account in which she’s together with her sister and mother. Check out the post that she shared that had fans in awe.

‘I cannot 😂 our mom has me done @elizabethwoods @jodiewoods,’ and a commenter said: ‘I’d have to kick my momma out if she did that on my white sofa 😂.’

A follower said: ‘Where’s mom tho, those are sisters haha 😍’ and one other followewr said: ‘oh so all dat is genetic! i see you mama woods 🗣💛’

One other commenter posted this message: ‘Damn I thought I wanted you…I think I want yo mama 😫’ and one fan posted this: ‘The way she steps on the sofa tho… 😂’

A follower said: ‘Mama was the only one on that couch 😂 black parents don’t play all the time’ and a commenter said: ‘I’ll do push-ups for everyone who likes this comment, this is dare for me :(‘

One other follower posted this: ‘Mom came through looking like a big sister! #mamawoods,’ and one other follower posted this: ‘You know it’s real when Jordyn hop on the wave @juneelite come see this bruh 😂’

In other news, Jordyn Woods has been Karl Anthony Towns’ rock for the duration of their relationship.

The NBA baller gave his lady a sweet shout out while revealing a devastating incident.

While hosting a Q&A on his Instagram Stories, Karl revealed that he was hit by a drunk driver in the off-season and had to be hospitalized for it.

One fan asked him how he’s managed to overcome it all to which he answered, in part: ‘My woman has held me down more than the world knows. From my mother and family members dying (1 on her bday in Cabo), getting hit by a drunk driver (was 2pm in the afternoon FYI) in LA this off-season and staying with me in the hospital for the night and helping me in rehab, to this stint with COVID.’

Jordyn is living her best life with her BF.


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