Jujutsu Kaisen S01 E01-E13 Review: Satoru Gojo’s My New Husbando

Jujutsu Kaisen S01 E01-E13 Review: Satoru Gojo's My New Husbando

I had planned to watch Haikyuu after binging on Hunter x Hunter, but it has been hard to get into slice-of-life anime lately since my cravings seem to be more on the supernatural-slash-adventure end. I guess it was no surprise I immediately got sucked into Jujutsu Kaisen. It is a fun, adventurous journey that had me laughing much more than I expected (not sure what that says about me). Much like Demon Slayer, it is about Jujutsu Shamans who fight to keep the world clear of curses. However, the biggest curse of all-time is battling to break through the human vessel they are trying to contain him in before they finally dispose of it once and for all. Though no one counted on Yuji Itadori, the human vessel, to become such a powerful wildcard.

I think now might be a good time for a confession. I have a type. I seem to be all for certain type of sensei… ahem. Kakashi must be first, closely followed by Aizawa… but now Gojo sensei has sky-rocketed to top along with Kakashi. Sorry Aizawa, sorry All Might. The character is truly a balance of caring coldness with power that keeps dismissing any serious threats. I am curious to see what the true extent of his power is. That said, like the above-mentioned heroes, Satoru Gojo seems to have a silly spot as well as- caring intent for his students no matter how blasé he may appear to be. I look forward to seeing more of him and how his backstory played out. I also like the dynamic between Gojo and Itadori, and I am curious what will he really do when the time to off Sukuna-slash-Itadori comes.

So far, the first half of the first season of Jujutsu Kaisen has managed to establish an interesting foundation to build upon that just keeps getting more and more foreboding. Itadori must consume all of Sukuna’s fingers, but there is a lot at stake with so much cursed power brewing, not to mention the pact between the boy and the cursed spirit no one truly knows about. Despite being somewhat cold characters, the supporting cast is likable and you find yourself caring for and connecting with them in just the first few episodes. They all have a soft spot for the boy who is just trying his best before he meets his end after taking all fingers. I do wonder if it will be Itadori changing Sukuna or will it be the other way around. Itadori has the same best-boi vibe Deku and Tanjiro give off. C’mon, we all know he cannot die… right? Right?!

The pace of this first part of Jujutsu Kaisen season one has been amazing– by no means did I feel like I had already watched 13 episodes that quickly. One sign of the anime’s quality writing is its great balance of seriousness with moments of silly sprinkled here and there. Though the moments it has made me laugh, it really made me cackle for minutes loudly. The animation is stunning- I love how detailed and colorful it is. In regards to the villains, I am appreciating the extended scenes where viewers get to know a bit more about them each time. That said, by no means have they made the villains relatable thus far. They seem to be a strong bunch keeping their plans close to their vests before going ham on our main characters. I am also appreciating the show’s willingness to walk a moral fine line every now and then, showing viewers a very gray area when it comes to right or wrong. Yes, there are curses, but that does not mean that the jujutsu sorcerers are always in the right. For that reason (and many others), Hunter X Hunter and Demon Slayer come quickly to mind.

Jujutsu Kaisen has been a very fun ride for its first half and has definitely set up a great foundation to keep me coming back religiously for more. I often wait until I can binge anime but each episode goes by so fast and leaves me screaming at the TV because that could… by no means… just be all. I am inching closer to getting the manga to get ahead and find out what happens next. Sorry, but I love spoilers and I need answers soon. On a side note, the special episode they did for the New Year’s was a particularly nice touch- reminding me of the holiday episodes some anime used to release when I was younger.

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