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Kaley Cuoco On “Sober” Season 2 Of ‘Flight Attendant’ & Scoring Golden Globe Noms After 30 Years In The Biz

Kaley Cuoco On “Sober” Season 2 Of ‘Flight Attendant’ & Scoring Golden Globe Noms After 30 Years In The Biz

“I’ve been in this business for 30 years, and I was in the corner, happy, waving, part of great shows, never did I dream of this moment, nor was it a goal,” beamed Flight Attendant star and EP Kaley Cuoco about her first two Golden Globe nominations this morning.

Not only was the series a breakthrough for frosh streamer HBO Max, but scored Cuoco as a producer a Best TV Comedy/Musical nom, and a Best Actress in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy nod.

“I just dreamed of being an actor, and so to have this moment this morning after doing this my whole life, I’ll never forget it. My heart is about to burst,” said Cuoco.

The series, based on Chris Bohjalian’s novel stars Cuoco as an alcoholic jet-setting flight attendant, Cassie Bowen, whose one-night stand with a first class passenger turns tragic after she wakes up to his murdered corpse. She becomes immediately a person of suspect, and embroiled in the late cute guy’s spy affairs, unable to remember what happened as alcohol as clouded her judgement. HBO Max announced that a season 2 is in the works shortly after the series 1 finale back in December.

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“The C.I.A. is definitely interested in her,” said Cuoco about Cassie’s next leg.

“We haven’t written anything yet, we just started our writers’ room, but I think the journey for her emotionally is that she is going to try and have a sober journey. Because she is so impatient, and her personality is so black-and-white, she’s going to go into this thinking it’s easy, a quick fix and that she’s fixed her demons. I think she’s going to learn very quickly that this is a life-long struggle and she’s going to be way over her head,” teased Cuoco about season 2.

What has many critics gobsmacked about Flight Attendant is how the former Big Bang Theory comedienne balances the drama and the comedy in what is a very fun, spy series.

In regards to hitting those tones, Cuoco shares, “I’ve always been gut driven, I feel it, and say ‘This is right, this is right’. I just saw this book three-and-half- years ago and I thought ‘Wow, this character could be really f***king fun!’ I optioned the book, and if I could tell you over the past few years how often the word ‘tone’ was discussed in phone calls, it’s been crazy. I didn’t know that the word could be said so many times. Finding the tone on this show was incredibly challenging. It was not a drama, it was not a comedy, it was not that. It was all of these things. I felt like I had multiple personalities in practically every scene. It was an actor’s dream. I just went there, and went crazy, and felt it. It turned into the most unique tone I’ve ever played.”

Below is Cuoco’s reaction to her Golden Globe noms on Instagram:

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