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Kanye is convinced this huge mistake is to blame for his divorce from Kim Kardashian – Crossover 99

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It was an open secret and last Friday it was finally confirmed: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are divorcing. The one who for years was one of the most powerful and media couples in the world officially ended their relationship just at the moment when I socialized her, after thinking about it a lot, presented in court the papers to request their separation. He also did it without notifying the rapper beforehand, who learned about the news from the press and since then has not stopped turning to everything he did wrong so that things have ended like this.

This has been confirmed to People by sources close to the rapper who say that since then Kanye has not stopped writing to his closest friends to vent. “He is at the moment of processing what happened. The only thing he talks about is that if he had done that and had not done the other they would still be together ”, say his friends.

Of course, many mistakes have to be made before such a strong relationship breaks down. Although for Kanye it is clear what has been the main trigger for his divorce: his failed presidential race during the last elections in the United States. And not because he lost them, which was something the whole family counted on; but because of the amount of personal information that he made public to win the favor of his constituents.

Especially what he told about his wife at a rally he gave in South Carolina on July 19 in front of a small group of attendees. A speech in which West ended up crying after claiming that when Kim became pregnant with his daughter North in 2012, he asked her to have an abortion. Women’s rights that, by the way, he intended to eliminate if he finally made it to the White House.

“Even if my wife wants a divorce after what I’m about to tell, I still have the comfort of knowing that she brought North into this world even though I didn’t want to. She stood up and protected that girl, ”Kanye revealed that day, shocking his wife, who was already quite angry with him after the artist had attacked members of his family on Twitter. Especially against his mother Kris Jenner, whom he accused of having tried to kidnap him.

At first, Kim justified Kanye’s behavior by explaining that he was having a mental breakdown. The rapper, diagnosed bipolar for years, even issued a statement asking for forgiveness. But not even for those reasons did he abandon his dream of becoming president, a headache for his family that he tried to calm by buying them expensive gifts such as the hologram of his deceased father with which he surprised Kim on his birthday.

A completely unsuccessful strategy if we consider that before the elections the couple separated, Kim, staying with their children in California while Kanye took refuge on his Wyoming ranch. Even the oldest of the Kardashians traveled there to try to fix their relationship, but everything was in borage water even though she even convinced her husband to go on vacation together to the Dominican Republic.

But the damage was done and the rapper didn’t seem to see reason. Thus, after several patches, and after Kanye resoundingly lost the election, Kim decided to take a break to see if things would calm down. To no one’s surprise, they didn’t. They didn’t even spend Christmas together.

There began Kim’s reflection period, who finally accepted that her marriage was hopeless and hired attorney Laura Wasser to help plan her divorce. Not an easy company since both share not only four children, but a fortune valued in billions of dollars.

In any case, it seems that the story will have a more or less happy ending. And not because Kim is going to withdraw her divorce claim, but because it is confirmed that the couple has reached an agreement to make the separation as friendly as possible. Especially about their children, of whom they have already agreed to share custody in an equitable way, which is not a small thing.

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