Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2’s Shubhaavi Choksey REACTS to Kamal Haasan’s ‘salary to homemakers’ comment; says, ‘One cannot put a price tag on this’ | Bollywood Life

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2's Shubhaavi Choksey REACTS to Kamal Haasan's 'salary to homemakers' comment; says, 'One cannot put a price tag on this' | Bollywood Life

Actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan recently grabbed headlines when he made a comment that housework should be a salaried profession, which will enhance the power of housemakers. While a certain section of the audience including MP Shashi Tharoor welcomed this opinion, Kangana Ranaut attacked the Indian 2 actor on Twitter for his comment. And now Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2’s Shubhaavi Choksey to reacted to Ulganayagan’s comment and told Mumbai Mirror, “Firstly, one cannot put a price tag on this mainly because a woman does it out of the love she has towards her loved ones. Secondly, it is not a job, it is a favour she does all her life serving her family, hence, it is priceless!” Also Read – Kangana Ranaut attacks Kamal Haasan for looking at housework as a salaried profession; says, ‘Don’t put a price tag on sex we have with love’

She added, “The idea sounds very righteous and if it is implemented by the government it will be helpful to them in ways that one cannot fathom. But I hope and wish that if once implemented, it should be carried on forever.” Yesterday Kangana slammed Kamal Haasan for his salary comment and tweeted, “Don’t put a price tag on sex we have with our love, don’t pay us for mothering our own, we don’t need salary for being the Queens of our own little kingdom our home,stop seeing everything as business. Surrender to your woman she needs all of you not just your love/respect/salary.” Also Read – Bigg Boss 4 Tamil: Rio Raj breaks down and apologises to his wife; Ramya Pandiyan laughs after seeing her mother

She later shared a series of tweets on the same topic, which reads, “It will be worse to reduce a home owner to home employ, to give price tag to mothers sacrifices and life long unwavering commitment,It’s like you want to pay God for this creation, cause you suddenly pity him for his efforts. It’s partially painful and partially funny thought.” followed by “How can one compensate for the lack of love/respect for home makers by giving them money? What if the oppressor snatches it and becomes more overpowering? People who treat their mothers or wives like house maids need value system and conscience that’s why Dharma is the answer.” Also Read – Kamal Haasan on Rajinikanth’s decision to not enter politics: Like his fans, I too have been disappointed

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