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Kevin Nash Calls for End of Political Parties and Electoral College

Kevin Nash Calls for End of Political Parties and Electoral College

WWE superstar turned Hollywood actor turned political pundit Big Sexy Kevin Nash has called for unity in the wake of fellow WWE Hall-of-Famer Donald Trump’s presidency. Nash, a multi-time world champion and member of several important political factions over the years including The Kliq, The NWO, The NWO Wolfpac, and the Main Event Mafia, took to Twitter to decry the American political system’s binary choice of political party and declare his support for eliminating the electoral college for presidential elections in favor of a popular vote.

Kevin Nash is outspoken about his dislike of fellow WWE Hall-of-Famer President Donald Trump

“Just a thought,” tweeted Big Sexy. “Everyone talks about uniting our Nation. Yet our system makes you choose a party. Red or Blue. That’s the electoral system. Go to a popular vote. No party’s, just Americans running for office. Let’s find a system that truly unites us not one driven on division.”

“Politics is what decides us,” Big Sexy continued. “You’re choosing a side when you choose a party. Aren’t we smarter than that. We’re not red or blue we’re Americans. We can fight on the battlefield together yet we can’t govern together. Has it become such big business we won’t look for change?”

Further discussing the issue with his followers, Kevin Nash also expressed support for term limits for Senators and Supreme Court Justices and called for an end to private election funding in order to reduce the influence of money in politics. When pressed on how much work it would take to make such changes to the American political system, Big Sexy responded, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

Nash, who describes himself as pro-choice and pro-Second-Amendment, replied to one follower complimenting his political acumen to say, “Everyone gets lucky. Thank you sincerely. I feel this is my calling.”

Kevin Nash may not currently have the power to implement the political changes he desires, but he is slowly gaining support from powerful people. At press time, Nash’s ideas had received the support of Ryback, Brian Pillman Jr., and Corey Graves.

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