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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West don’t even speak to each other – Crossover 99

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The last we heard about the separation between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is that they were already talking to lawyers to formalize their divorce at some point. Meanwhile, she has gone on a “girlie” trip with her sisters and daughters and little else has been said about the breakup of this media couple. However, sources close to E! They have revealed that the former couple is no longer even talking. What was left of what they were going to get along very well, for their children? Well, little thing.

What happened to Kim and Kanye’s declaration of good intentions? Well, nothing because according to this American media, the only thing she is trying right now is to stay strong, with her head in place, and above all, she is ‘working’ on the logistics to announce her divorce. How? Yes, friend, let’s remember that the life of the Kardashians is not like that of the others and that they are a company; so separations, births, and other important facts that pertain to privacy in your case is another business move that should be treated as such. So the star will probably be talking to her legal and advertising team to manage in the best possible (and beneficial way for her) such juicy news. Because, let’s remember, they have not announced anything at all officially yet and all that is known is from unofficial sources.

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For his part, Kanye West has already started the move of the family mansion in Hidden Hills (yes, the one that cost more than 20 million dollars and whose works lasted YEARS), and the American media have revealed that he would have already removed nothing from there less than 500 pairs of athletic shoes.

Both Kim and Kanye are already ending their marriage and are already looking forward to turning the page and starting over … without each other. And, even though she wants to make her announcement à la Kardashian, he would want to make it public as soon as possible. Who will win this pulse? We can’t wait for the results.

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